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    1. tiny snippets WoW (!!!)

      by , 12-22-2012 at 10:10 AM
      Snippets Mouse and Legs

      poor dream recall for ages now,


      just now I spontainiously was thinking of my (gone) baby mouse Buckello. Then I made a fist. Then gently relaxed the fist. then imagined a warm little furball (furby hehe) Then put my nose to my opening fist and imagined Buckello's sent. Then imagined him poking his cute, friendly, head out of the tree-hollow of my open fist. He tapped my nose with his tiny hand.

      At this point I realised I was in deep reverie, (a waking dream) and then, the reverie broke (like a soap-bubble popping).

      Then a got the briefest snippet of a dream I had last night. I remember picking- up buckello (in a fist) and putting him in a cosy tunnel which was a soft olive-green coat collar.



      in this dream-snippet, I am with him as a baby mouse, looking at him eye-to-eye. Oh! it couldn't be Him. I'm a cosy mouse looking at a very friendly *brown-grey* mouse.


      Maybe I was white-Buckello

      looking at my friend Brown-grey mouse. (?!?).

      posting this snippet immediatly so I don'forget it.

      only other dream snipet I got (first thing after wakkng) was sitting by a pool and l looked down and those legs and feet were not mine. then I realised a nice woman was sitting beside me and she had put her manicured (but a bit dirty) feet where mine should have been.

      She was smoking. She knew me. I didn't recognise her. (EOD)

      MUM died of smoking related pancriatic cancer. This woman was a teenage version of my loving mum. She is aware of my uncomfortable legs (diabetic neuropathy). She wishes she could give me her strong, pain free, teenage legs.


      You don't need Lucidity or even much dream Recall to get over-the-top results from dreams.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Mouse 2?

      by , 10-29-2012 at 04:30 AM
      Waking dream "worm" with soft exoskeleton. Moving straight ahead away from me. I kinda follow like a whisp of smoke wanting to gently-touch little-long creature.

      About a centermeter tall, girth 1.5 centermeter and about 15 centermeters (6 inches) long.

      Maybe I was following in a little white mouse body.

      The worm thingy never wiggled. It moved in a straight line. I saw no feet but it was not slithering. So, it may had millions of tiny millipede feet directly under body out of sight.

      When a small catapiller is stung by an ant it gets a bit paralised and cannot curl around it self for protection. May be this little "thingy" normaly can wiggle and sway but wasn't doing that while "I" was curiously following. I was looking down a bit on the interesting worm. So I wasn't an ant, I was more the size of a mouse.
      dream fragment
    3. "Salt" (password) 1

      by , 10-06-2012 at 05:58 AM
      Password: "salt"


      Squarish chunks of colour moving towards me with spaces inbetween like in an invisible soft tube. Out in space not inside fluid or underground. 12:44pm Sat 6-Oct-12.

      As I happily became aware that I was having a hipnapop (waking image) I got the word "Salt".

      Wow- just got up and started puting a sock on my right foot and there is a indigo bruise under my big toe nail. That immediately made me remember a dream snipet from last night:

      I was picking at my big toe nail because in the dream it was way-too-long and dry. Then the whole big toe nail peeled-off painlessly (oops). No pain or discomfort and as I poked, cuiously at the my big toe where the nail should be, it was only soft for a second. It was hardening up quickly.

      Wow my dreaming brain informed me last night that I was loosing a big toe nail but not to worry because there would be no pain and it would harden-up again in no time.

      (I have diabetic neuropathy in feet. Thats why I don't remember bumping my toe hard enough to bruise under the nail.) I am thrilled that my brain informed me before I saw it, wow.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Sole fish

      by , 07-30-2012 at 06:34 AM
      Sole fish

      Dream Snippet. Caught bus sat on single swival seat near back of bus at left-hand side window. Folks gasped in (almost) protest and the guy in the seat in front said a low "aww" as if I shouldn't take that seat. But I was'nt and didn't feel rejected.

      Also my seat was a single where-as the others were in normal double bus seats. No one could sit next to me.

      Next Dream snippet I was in small food court with people from bus. One food stall had strange chocolates but the chocolate stall man also sold grilled fish at the the right-side end of his stall. He was interested in me buying from him. He looked a bit like a pencil sketch.

      I went to a table with a couple of people from the buss. I told them about the nice (cold) grilled sole and that I will have that. (end of dream).

      I read you post at about 1am (my time) where you said:

      Quote Originally Posted by Windhover@ View Post
      Welcome DebraJane! Thank you for participating

      I think you should be in New Zealand group because you're in GMT -9:30? Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not good at calculating stuff lol
      I was already in bed thinking of hooking-up with you guys (Windhover, Atras, Juroara, The danknight, thebeastofold, Lmrhone and Abra. Oh, and Sydney) so after I put the phone down I thought "relax and stop incubating, Any Dream Will Do".

      But it looks like I hopped on your dream buss and as I sat down you guys knew I'd caught the wrong bus. But I rode along with you any way cos my intention (incubation) was set and I was too sleepy to stop it. (hehehe)

      Later today I will try and find the New Zealand group. Bye-bye.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. 1/1st week of 2013

      by , 07-01-2012 at 10:21 PM
      Steps in the garden
      Chess in the garden
      By lobsang rampa

      Woke at 6am from dream where I was in a reading room. I tilted my head to read the jacket of a hard back copy of a book some one was reading. It was titled " walk in the garden" by Lobsang.

      But as I woke the dream faded so fast that I wasn't sure I got it right. As I was wondering if I had got the title right I got a hipnapop of a small dark gray-green plasic figurine of a big square-chested robot warrior with a human face and the thought "chess-piece.

      So, maybe the book I was straining to see the title of was:

      Chess in the garden.

      This is my first dream for my experiment of dreaming of future news.

      Dreamed 1st/2nd of July (now) for 1st/2nd of January 2013.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Flu shot

      by , 04-14-2012 at 03:20 AM
      Last night in a dream a thing popped up underneath the skin in my left arm between my elbow and shoulder, around the the middle of my arm, facing me.

      The thing was a thin rod.

      First I wondered if it was a blunt and very thick steel needle. But I looked away for a bit to tell someone about it and when I looked back it had, (painlesly) brocken through the skin and it was a thin brocken bone. I SUCKED on it trying to heal it and make it go away.

      In another dream, (last night) I was with mum.

      She had healthy, shiny, pageboy but wavy hair. She looked like she looked when she was alive and about 40. She was happy and healthy. We got on a bus.

      I wanted to buy 5 gifts for five friends. Mum was one of those 5 friends. She seemed to have a bit of a cold so I asked,

      "Mum, can I shout you a flu shot as a gift?".

      She gave it some thought and said in a little voice,

      "No, but I like Lemsip, Lemsip."

      I thought mum might be scared of needles and that's why she didn't want a gift of a flu shot. Lemsip is a pleasant cold and flu powder you put into hot water and sip.

      I woke at 9am this morning (New Moon) Saturday 21-April-2012.

      Wow it would be mums 77th birthday today. Mum died aged 45.

      I hardly ever remember dreams about mum these days. She looked like mum and she looked beautiful and healthy even though she had a bit of a cold.

      Oh, just remembered a bit more of dream.

      When mum, sitting to my left, on the bus, by the wimdow, (I was in the isle seat of the local bus) said she didn't want a flu shot as a gift but wanted Lemsip, I extended my left arm toward mum and pointed to where I got my last flu shot.

      I had a long sleeve over my arm and as I poked where I had my last flu shot it was a bit sore, like I had just had it. Even in the dream I found that interesting because I knew I had the shot a couple of months ago.

      I am recording this dream because last night I got an 'inkling' to do my specail dream incubation chant to find out what good thing will happen one year from to day.

      Then I realized it was one week since I did it. Then I wondered if I should do this once a week.

      Here is the chant I did as I fell asleep:

      Future Debra
      Give me a dream

      Make it
      Happy, Uplifting, and WOW!

      Make it about

      Days from NOW.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. How to do it forgotten song

      by , 04-04-2012 at 11:35 PM
      Future Debbie
      Give me a dream
      That's happy, uplifting and Wow.

      Make it about
      News happening
      365 days from now

      Bed at 1 AM.

      Hipnagogic image: Blue, many petaled flower, (lotus with petals curved-up) top left in dark.

      Then I grabbed phone to Google images of blue lotus flower. Spent an hour and at 2 AM went back to sleep.

      Dream: woke at 7:57 AM out of a song that told step by step how to do some thing spiritual but as I woke the dream faded leaving no trace of song or the spiritual practice that the song explained.

      Hipapopic image: none
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. Good news 1 year from now

      by , 04-03-2012 at 09:25 PM
      Hipnagogic image:, a small and slight-built, grey horse, close and docile and a black pony with fluffy winter coat there briefly too.

      Dream. I'm typing a lot.

      Hipnapopic image: a string of green beads in a loop, in-doors, dark backgroud and off to my left.

      Woke and walked half hour reslept at 5:15 am Wed 4-4-2012.

      Reapeated silently before sleep last night:

      Dear future me, please share a dream, of good news, that will happen, one year from today. dated 365 days from today.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. Quote “Him again“

      by , 09-03-2011 at 12:48 AM
      The email below dropped into my phone while I was sleeping at 1:18 am

      After I read it i dropped off to sleep.

      I saw a drawing of a man on finger tips with elbows bent. He was down on the grownd. He had shoes on and was ballancing on the toe of his shoes with his head turned to his right.

      I was looking at him as he was down on the grownd on toe-tips and finger-tips with head turned to his right, looking in my direction but studying a horrizontal crack, (maybe in a wall). Studying a “space between“.

      That was the visual.

      His right leg was slightly up, and out, knee bent.

      It then seemed to me that he had found a crack, (a space-between) low-down on a wall and was down on the grownd investigating it.

      The this morning as I think about it, the way his right foot was positioned, maybe he was preparing to come through the crack, (the space between).

      Slept, woke.

      Woke to the image of a drawing of a hand with all four fingers touching the thumb. Fingers and thumb pionting up.

      When i do it my hand is too short and chubby. The hand in the dream was longer, slender and artistic.

      I will post this to my dream views dream journal, (minus reference to you) because it is a Chicken Itza shared dreamjng night.

      9 am Saturday 3/ Sept/11 here in Adelaide, South Australia, now

      No, i will post as is because I never mentioned your name.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. dream collarge 6am Sat 20/Auge Adelaide, South Australia

      by , 08-19-2011 at 10:09 PM
      6am Dream made of bits like a collarge.

      Walking home to where I really live in physical world. When I arrive home both sides of my place are being demolished. My place is safe but getting to it, this yellow metal arm is playing with me by coming down around me and in front of me. I wonder if a person is controlling it or if it is a mindless automation. I hope it has senses and don't crush me. Then it just comes to rest so I get past it to my place.

      Inside my place is ten times bigger than it looked from the outside.

      It looks like a warehouse.

      My landlady asks me if I want any of the wooden curtain rails or table or bed parts that are being taken away to be recycled.

      A guy wands a specific type of bed. Bedbase is leaned on something at about a 90 degree angle. I try it out. I lay it the wire Bedbase. It is interesting.

      Oh, somewhere in the dream collarge I'm taking frozen food out of an old fridge. Seems there is a new fridge some where for the frozen to go.
      non-lucid , dream fragment