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    Dry shave

    by , 07-28-2018 at 03:37 AM (617 Views)
    Um, ... um, .. well I'm back posting on DV ... so Ill record this.

    Woke and got to remember the end of my dream. Im picking up different plastic shavers to take of the stubble that gradually grows on my face. Im nearly 59 of Welsh dna. It happens.

    Then I lay all cuddled up in bed, it is wonter in Adelaide Australia.

    I'm going to record the gist of my thoughts.

    After a dream that coincided with the October 2015 Lucid Task of the Month,

    My past and future lives opened up to me. Over several days.

    Just now after the "dry shaving dream" Thoughts happened. I often get deep thoughts on waking. I think the thoughts are more important that the dream. I think my brain is in a very receptive state after waking up slowely. And maybe these thoughts are ....

    I know that in 350ish years from now, Im back. So about Saturday 28th of July 2368 I'm a grade 3 Arahant nun/monk.

    One of the study moduals for year threes in this 12 year school is to conntact one "deep past" incarnations.

    My deep future self chose THIS past incarnation to contact.

    This mornings after dreaming thought was:

    In this original incarnation MAYBE I completed suicide.

    My future monk-selfs 3rd year school project is to get my past ALL my suicidal moments.

    I know and have known for over 21 years that I'm supose to die at 87.

    This morning the thought occurred to me that my deep future selfs school task is to get me to my 87th year.


    Soon after posting the above abot 50 minutes ago
    This earworm began.
    I was jiving along to it a while
    before realising
    it was one of my important earworms
    It relates to the above post.

    Why ?

    Your guess is as good as mine
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    Here's the one ama jiving to now



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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      after I posted the above This youtube kept popping up
      on my Youtube feed. Finally I poked it. Wow⚘(12:18)
      Message to me from rvdc⚘



    2. EbbTide000's Avatar
      On my FB page I opened this Dream, above, "Dry shave"
      with the words

      "Bhikkhu Subhuti here it is"

      Edit, EDIT, EDIT

      Oh, I Messengered him the dream.
      Then I told him that the dream is top of my fb page now
      With the opening words

      "Bhikkhu Subhuti here it is"

      Then I copied and posted the above "Dry Shave" dream


      THIS is what this monk posted to his blog.

      And what ever this old fb friend posts to his blog
      Is emailed to me.

      Either this monk read it
      This is a synchronicity


      Bhikkhu Subhuti's Blog

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