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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. amazing false awakening

      by , 11-20-2014 at 02:00 PM
      Hi Gig*

      Last week Saturday 23 Jan (2010) a long term guest and friend here at the boarding house told me he was going interstate for a month to have a holiday with friends. Later he handed me his key as he enthusiastically pulled a suitcase trolly out the front door, heading off to the Interstate bus station.*

      A couple of days later, say, Wednesday 27 January, I was coming out of my room and as I walked down the corridor I saw the guest (Steve) come down the stairs and turn to the bench, checking to see if he had any mail. As he picked up and looked at the envelopes I thought "he is supposed to be at the Gold Coast for another 3 weeks with friends having a holiday".*

      I distinctly thought:*

      "I guess things have gone wrong for him to be back so soon but I will not pri as he probably won't want to talk about it".*

      I said "Hi Steve" and with out looking up he said "Hi Deb". And I walked passed him to the kitchen and put the kettle on and went on with my day.*

      I didn't see him Thursday or Friday or Yesterday. So, to day, while I was cleaning I asked some other guests if they had seen Steve in the last couple of days. They hadn't.*

      So that was a blinking DREAM.*

      It is as if my mind is going to extraordinary lengths to get me LUCID.*

      There was absolutely NOTHING dreamlike about that experience, except that, in the dream, I knew he shouldn't be there cos he was at the Gold Coast having a holiday with friends.*

      Just thought I'd share that.

      I found that old experience just now as I was reading som of gigs interesting old posts on another old site and decided that I want it in my dream journal.

      Steve returned after his month holiday. That was over 4, almost 5 years ago.
    2. me-bucketOfmeat

      by , 12-29-2012 at 04:33 PM

      FalseAwakening. woke kneeling in a 3 ft open black hard-rubber tube. wondered where I was and how I got there. It was dark and it felt like I had been asleep and just woke up. But don't remember ever waking-up in kneeling position before. Couldnt't really feel my, below-the-waste, I wasn't in discomfort and that felt good but strange.

      I go to get-uo. It becomes totally black for 2 seconds as I try to get to my feet (that I can't feel.

      Then someone is there (in my head). he says somethjng like ..."you shouldn't drop-off to sleep in that state of mind" or "you shouldn't entertain those kind of thoughts as you fall asleep" or something.

      Then I stop trying to stand and crawl forward instead.

      I can see a bit but it is still very dark, like night-time with no artificial light. I push with my hand and see my hand push against tight mosquito netting.

      I crawl against the mosquito netting and I'm out. I'm now outside. I am in a empty animal barn. Very dark and I don't see them but I know other humans are asleep under mozzy-nets in the barn.

      I gotta do my chores

      I find two stainless steel buckets (the kind used to milk cows). I fill them with strange food. Then the food looks a bit like meat and minced ofal (minced; kidney, heart, liver, pancreas ect).

      I'm satisfied that it is the right type and consistency for what I got to feed and pick up a bucket in each hand and head out into the dark, dark night.

      The path is a bit gravelly and noisy and it would be bad manners to wake others so I move off the path onto soft grass. Then I notice that I am walking on grass (with big wide-open daisies) in the dark.

      I get to the "ramp" (a steel grid that vehicles and people can traverse but sheep and cows can't). I cross the ramp and a pack of black bull-dogs bound over cos they smell what I'm carrying.

      I begin to feel tjis is a dream. If this is not a dream then I'd be in "mortal danger". I don't feel that I'm in mortal danger. (EOD)

      I'm awake... but I feel wiered ... like this too could be a False awakening.

      I realise that in real-life if I was alone, in the dark, on a big property (where no one could hear me scream) I would just be a bucket of meat and ofal to a pack of black dogs.

      I groggily go to "Chat" and tell them the wiered "False Awakening" then realise I'd better DJ it. I tellum in chat that I'm off to DJ it.

      Wjen I close "Chat" I'm in my "Profile" (???)
      false awakening
    3. Mouse 3?

      by , 11-02-2012 at 08:50 AM

      Busy day, but it's 6pm now and I'm playing with HelloBuck-Buckello my mouse. I had a dream with Hello-Buckello in it lsat night. I wasn't going to dj it because I was killing wild mice (yick). But it's worth 40 points so here it is.

      False Awakening. I get up worrying about my Buckhello. I see a brown mouse running accross my floor. Buchhello is white. Buckhello is male so if the brown one is a "doe" Buckhello will become a daddy and I don't wamt that. And if the brown mouse is a buck (male) then he and my Buckhello will fight.

      I am frightened for my Buckhello.

      I carefully search for my Buckhello. I open a top draw and about twelve brown, and white mice timidly look up at me. They have little "Madagascar lemur" heads. I'm scared they have already killed my lovely Buckello. I gently move them about expecting to see my sweet little mouse's limp (dead) body.


      Something on my arm moves under my bath robe. It's Buckello. I let him roam around on me sometimes but I can't remember putting him on me this time. I am relieved.

      Now the yuky bit.

      I start putting the wild lemur-headed mice in Glad Snap Lock reseal sandwhich bags, thee to a bag, and closing the snap lock so the will suffocate. But I wake befor any die.

      Boo-hoo-hoo mean, mean me.

      Now I remember...

      There were two mice at the pet shop when I bought Buckello, 3 weeks ago; a brown one and a white one. I chose the white one.

      Buckello [h]was[/b] share dreaming with me and introducing me to his friends, the brown one first and I wind up intending to kill em all.

      Boo-hoo-hooo, mean, mean me.

      Look, I just Googles "Madagascar Lemur heads" this is what the 12 or so wildmice in the top draw looked like.

      madagascar lemur - Google Search
      false awakening
    4. Brocken into

      by , 08-20-2011 at 02:57 AM
      I told someone in "chat" that I would record alll my dreams in my dream journal. Kinda regretting that already cos its tedious. But here goes. It's Saturday and I've slept-in.

      I got into a bus and sat on a sideways seat. I looked up and directly across on a sideways seat was a 27ish brown man, bit heavy in work-like old black t-shirt and corderoys.

      I was surprises cos I suddenly remembered he was on the same bus as me this morning.

      He knew I was thinking, 'amazing sync' so said to nip that in the bud he said, "We work the same shift". (l woke)

      Back to sleep.

      False awakening (very tedious). My room felt same but as I questioned the position of things they changed to the right place and I took that for granted.

      When got up i felt strange and did a drunk-stretch type dance then wanted a poo. Got some newspaper to poop on cos felt too lazy to go out to the loo. Then didn't want a poop.

      6 framed pictures were on the wall. They were like TVs with living, moving picture in them. I wondered where I got them and how long I had them.

      Then I went to open my door. It was open. Oops how can that be? I tried to shut it but it wouldn't stay shut. I used my key hoping that locked, it would stay shut but it didn't.

      Went to tell other boarding house guests that my room was broken into while I slept. Nothing stolen and I wasn't attacked. I guess after they broken in and saw me sleeping they realized they had the wrong address.

      I didn't recognize any if the guests.

      They were not rude but they weren't interested.

      I'm not good at description but I now think they might have been you guys (and gals) visiting Chicken Itza.

      Then I had that poo in the loo. I could hear someone cleaning there teeth outside the toilet at the sink. There was an upturned jug that I remember turning over to drain but it had drained a pool of yellow cleaning fluid onto floor. That's ok, I will use it in a minute when I start the cleaning.

      Then there was red seepiage coming out of the wall tiles. I wondered where it was coming from. Didn't matter, I would just clean it up then I clean.

      Going back to room a kind curly white short-wavey haired man was vacuuming yellow shag pile rugs in my room. He vacuum Wet blue shag pile rug too. I wondered where I had got them and how long I had them.

      When I passes the guests in my way to the loo I noticed two men drinking. As I pass them going back to my room they were asleep, mouths open, sitting opposite each other, heads on the table.

      I think even inebriated folk can stil make it to Chicken Itza, Hahahahaha.
      non-lucid , false awakening