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    Float my boat (?!)

    by , 02-25-2014 at 03:21 AM (363 Views)
    I just Woke

    to an Hypnagogic image of happy, hairless man mostly naked (I didn't see or look at his genitals). No eyebrows or eyelashes. Tatoo off a star in/behind each eye. The tatoo was done a long time ago. It's colours were not new. He was dancing a bit. He wanted me to notice him.

    Without a regular dream game I have nothing to do with such hypnagogs. I would like a dream game every few days. Not once a year like you get with the pdc. Or once a month like with other little yahoogroups sites. Even once a week ain't enough for me.

    I offered games as weekly and even twice or more a week on several sites (over several years). I enthusiasticly and nievely did this in hopes folks would play and then reciprocate. Offering me a weekly targets. So I would be doing a target every week. But if seven people were enjoying my weekly targets... My participants would be offering me a weekly taget (in an Open thread) so I would have seven targets a week. And I would be in seventh heaven.

    Participant's need to be relaxed funloving and not be so frightened and serious. This will get the juices (synchronicities) flowing, flowing.

    WakingNomad can pop-in from time-to-time with his 50 week commission but this is not enough to float-my-boat.

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