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    by , 02-08-2013 at 07:48 AM (288 Views)
    I woke out of horrible dream where I was grabbing an open (celophane) pack of three candles. The pack would have originally held six. I was talking to my young brother saying I cant stand the loss of our mum. I was crying. I woke up grief-struck.

    Mum's been dead since January 21st 1981 (32 years) and look, I can still grieve as if she died yesterday.

    Then, I remembered what that monk said in this Youtube:

    (point 34:30) of Episode 3 of "Sex Death and the Meaning of Life"


    He said:

    Happiness is "when you know how to "stay alone" and go within.

    I was shocked at the "Staying Alone bit

    That was the Deli Lama's secretary.

    After waking from my horrible, grievious, dream I thought and thought about "being alone and just observing" and I became more than just ok.

    When I "be alone and just observe" the pain is gone ... Because "I" am gone.

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