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    iasd massimo

    by , 01-07-2013 at 06:11 PM (408 Views)
    I unsubscribed from a forum because I might be slowing them down. but here is the nights dream I would have posted on our incubation night (7-8th of the month).

    A young slim boy wants me to mary him. People want us to marry. I am his age (about 16). We go to an old leather couch and I massage one off his feet. then the other foot. I dont want to be anymore intimate than this. Niether does he. We want to be friends. We have good ideas to talk to each other about. We want to "talk" not be physically intimate. Then the TV is on and we are watching Black and White TV and a third 16 year old girl joins us (EOD)

    About 12 letters arrive in the post. I open them. I read one. It has an eleven thousand dollar check in it with a letter of encouragement. I see a big, giant, kind looking, bearded head in window. His big long beared is inside the window. He donated the 11,000.

    I klnow the other 11 (or so) letters have donations attached to them. I gather them up unread. I am embarassed, and I think I did something wrong by openjng them. Mabe they were not meant for me.

    I tell the man with the big beard that I dont know what to do with his 11,000 dollars. He wants me to use it. He dont want it back.

    I feel like calling a meeting with the 12 doners to tell them "sorry" and give back the donations.

    But I know they want me to (sort off) get-of-my-ass and use the money for what I asked for the money for.

    But I cant remember what I ask for the money for (EOD)

    Massimo from Italy (big beard) "Scratch your own itch."

    (15:47) 71,981 views

    I grabbed 3 people from the iasd psi-dreams yahoogroups in 2008 to work with me on my "ankoring the Mandala" dream project. One name was Massimo from Italy. The old 2012 pdc ad had a picture of him. He had a big beared so I think Massimo was the dream giant encouraging me in my dream (with $11,000.

    So I just put massimo into Youtube and found the above massimo. It's about "open source" sharing" no copyright (I think).

    My (our) Mandala (my avatar) is "Open Source".

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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      The giant head at my winow (in the dream above called iasd massimo) with his big beard hanging inside the window, looked a bot like this guys head:

      The Man From Iron Bark
      (4:03) 25,633 views

      A Banjo Patterson Classic.