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    Invite to Wonderland

    by , 12-12-2012 at 11:13 AM (344 Views)
    square stress ball

    dream opens with me in last day of a (country) junior primary school.

    I walk and sit by pool dangling my legs in water.

    Time to go home. I pick up Thick slice of brown heathy bread, my mobile smart phone, 2 more smart phone that two school friends acidently left behind (I will get the phones back to them when I see them.

    Then mum's hand picks up just the circular-dial mechanism of old land-line phone (the only phone mum ever new) but it's broken and she puts it down again. She doesn't relate to what I call a phone.

    Off school premises, near transport home, there is a nice cage with my pet in it.

    I put my hand in, to encourage pet to trust my hand and come onto my hand.

    The pet becomes a square-rolling stress-ball (grainy stress-ball filling). It timidly rolls upto my hand and away again a few times. Then it rolls onto my hand and I gently tip my hand so it rolls off a few times.

    Mum wonders why I do this. I explain I don't want to frighten my (stress-ball) pet. I want it to know that it is free to be with me only if and when it chooses to be with me. I dont want it bullied.

    then it changes form.

    It lunges toward my arm. It is a Smiling chessire cat but it is fast asleep and much slimmer than the Alice In Wonderland Chessire Cat and its Siamese brown.

    I cradle the sleeping cat. It keeps smiling. But it won't wake-up. But that is some how lovely (EOD)

    This dream is full of symbols:

    My Tulpa is my (spiritual) stress ball. Treat Tulpa right and it lunges at me (playfully-suprisingly) to invite me to sleep and dream with him in Wonderland.

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