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    jennifer-dumpert just finished writting this ⚘

    by , 09-04-2018 at 12:55 AM (275 Views)

    A conciousness hacker
    and sought-after speaker on dreams
    and dream technology
    explains how to use liminal dreaming,
    the dreams that come between sleep and waking,
    for self-actualization and consciousness expansion.

    At the edges of consciousness,
    between waking and sleeping,
    there’s a swirling, free associative state of mind
    that is the domain of liminal dreams.

    As we sink into slumber,
    we pass through hypnagogia,
    the first of the two liminal dream states.

    In this transitional zone,
    memories, perceptions, and imaginings arise
    in a fast moving, hallucinatory, semi-conscious remix.

    On the other end of the night,
    as we wake,
    we experience hypnopompia,
    the hazy, pleasant, drift that is the other liminal dream state.

    Readers of*Liminal Dreaming*
    will learn step-by-step
    how to create a dream practice,
    the deeply unusual half-waking dream states of
    hypnagogia and hypnopompia
    into their lives in personally meaningful ways.

    Working with liminal dreams
    can improve sleep,
    mitigate anxiety
    and depression,
    help to heal trauma,
    and aid creativity
    and problem-solving.

    Liminal dreaming practice is also far easier to learn
    than lucid dreaming practice,
    making it possible for the reader to begin
    working with these dreams this very night.


    Paperback | $17.95*
    Published by North Atlantic Books
    Feb 12, 2019*| 182 Pages*| 6 x 9*| ISBN*9781623173043




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