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    A Journey Begins

    by , 11-13-2018 at 11:43 PM (697 Views)
    A journey begins↘️
    Woke 8am Wednesday 14-November-18↘️

    In a full car driver male, two passengers and me
    There appears a litle chubby puppy
    Driver wants puppy out
    I pick up puppy
    Driver says " if it makes a mess it's out"
    Puppy then wriggles off my lap
    And had a big human size poop and wee
    Then begs to get on my lap again.

    The driver stops the car so puppy can get out
    I say Im staying with the puppy
    They let me out and they give me a long single handed trolly.
    And a small tarpaulin for puppy and me to be under in rainy weather.
    The car drives off and I am happy.
    A few nice things happen


    I cross a road-bridge under which flows a kind of
    Thick, black, fast to medium flowing, river.

    Then still pushing this long single handed trolly
    It front of me
    It is night time now
    I see a man
    sprawled out on the other side of the road
    on the grass verge asleep (or dead)

    Next I peak over mt side of the grass verge
    And down a bit I see a spotlight
    and two Disney Cartoon characters.
    Porky Pig and a small character that I cant remember

    I follow a path to go and see them
    I lay out the things from the Trolly
    Because this seems a nice place to sleep (eod)

    I wake and its 8am Wednesday 14-Nov-18

    Awake and I see the dream refers
    the the Zero card of the Tarot

    The Fool and the puppy about to go over a cliff
    (The Porky Pig and friend was in a spotlight below the road)

    I crossed over the river Styks befor I saw
    the cartoon charactersin the spotlight.

    The very long, single handled trolly
    represented the stick and handkerchief bundle
    tied to one end, over the Fools shoulder.

    I the Fool with my puppy dog have stepped off the cliff
    to be with the Disney cartoon charactors
    And are now fast asleep.

    What a dream

    Im doing a Jungian couse online
    We 6 months in. We are up to:

    The Collective Unconscious and Archetypes
    We already done the "Shadow"

    Maybe the puppy
    with the tiny, slightly brocken, human-looking teeth
    IS my shadow

    My and my shadow (2:21)


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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      I'm researching the dream above
      Where I am "The Fool"

      The Fool is represented by*the Greek God


      A Brief History

      His father –
      Zeus, was known as the God of
      the sky, lightening, thunder,
      law, order and justice.

      Zeus was a bit of a lad
      in the Ancient Greek world,
      whose numerous
      ‘romantic liaisons’
      resulted in several
      godly and manly offspring.


      His mother – Semele
      was a mortal priestess
      who was seduced and invariably
      impregnated by Zeus.

      To make this story brief,
      Hera (the wife of Zeus),
      on hearing of the pregnancy,
      befriends Semele
      and put doubts into her mind
      that Zeus was in fact a God.

      Because Semele then demanded
      that Zeus prove his divinity,
      and because he loved her so much,
      he did as she wished.

      The only snag however
      was that mortals cannot
      look upon Zeus
      without incinerating,
      so true to form she perished,
      but not without Zeus rescuing
      the unborn baby
      and sewing him into his thigh
      (as you do)
      for a few months
      until the baby Dionysus was born,

      Hera continued to pursue
      the strang horned child
      and sent the Titans, the Earth Gods,
      to tear Dionysosto pieces.

      But Zues rescuded the childs heart,
      still beating.

      This heart he transformed
      into a potion of pomegranate seeds,
      and the magical drink was fed
      to the maiden ⚘Persephone⚘ by Hades,
      the dark God of the underworld,
      when he abducted her.

      Persephone became pregnant,
      and Dionysus was thus ⚘reborn⚘
      in the underworld.
      There for he was called
      "Dionysus the the twice born".

      He is the God of wine,
      rebirth after death,
      and a patron of the
      theatre and the arts.


      Tarot Card Meaning

      When looking at the history of Dionysus,
      it is easy to see why,
      when in the upward position,
      this card means:

      Fresh starts
      Taking Risks
      New opportunities
      New developments
      New beginnings

      In reverse, this card means:

      Acting recklessly
      Taking action without
      considering the consequence
      A warning to look before you leap
      – consider your options carefully,
      don’t just dive in

      *some of the above is from here


      Mythic Tarot - The Fool -


      And some from my copy of
      "The Mythic Tarot "
      Juliet Sharman and Liz Green