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    Linkzelda found me

    by , 08-16-2012 at 03:03 AM (400 Views)
    False awakening

    Woke and there was a slim bird flying in my bedroom. My bedroom was too big but I took that for granted.

    I wanted to catch the lovely little bird to release it. The beautiful little bird began flying slowly so I could reach out and take it from the air.

    It didn't struggle. It felt lovely to gently hold. I brought it to my body so it would feel safer.

    I opened my bedtoom door, walked down the boarding house hallway to the courtyard. I held you up (Linkzelda) and you flew in an lovely slowmotion-way onto the clothesline.

    You kind of went smaller. I have never seen that type of bird before.

    I was awake and thinking about that lovely false awakenkng dream when I realised it was you.

    It is now 11:11 am here now. (Thursday 16-August-2012).
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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      It's now 2:50pm same day Thur 16-Aug-12.

      One bit of the dream keeps comming to mind like an hipnagogic image. The bird walked and jumped about the clothes-line and lifted it's right foot onto a diagonal piece of metal (not part of the real outer-world clothesline.

      In the dream I worried briefly that there was some thing wrong with the birds right foot. I became most very focussed on it's little right foot as the whole little bird got smaller.

      Little bird little bird from Man of La Mancha (1972)

      Lyrics by Joe Darion
      Sung by Men's Chorus


      Little bird, little bird
      In the cinnamon tree
      Little bird, little bird
      Do you sing for me?
      Do you bring me word
      Of one I know?
      Little bird, little bird
      I love her so
      Little bird, little bird
      I have to know
      Little bird, little bird

      Beneath this tree
      This cinnamon tree
      We learned to love
      We learned to cry
      For here we met
      And here we kissed
      And here one cold and moonless night
      We said goodbye

      Little bird, little bird
      Oh have pity on me
      Bring her back to me now
      'Neath the cinnamon tree
      I have waited too long
      Without a song
      Little bird, little bird
      Please fly, please go
      little bird, little bird
      And tell her so
      Little bird, little bird
      Little bird, little bird, little bird
    2. Mindraker's Avatar