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    Lucid walking

    by , 06-22-2013 at 04:35 PM (650 Views)
    I am using this phone and the back came off. I am just pushing it hoping the back would just click back on.

    I go out side my room into the corridor of this boarding house. Every ones door is open but no room looks right. All the regular folk are gone and everyone is a stranger to me.

    I talk to two guys in one room. I tell them your room is a tiny broom closet.

    I start to think that this is so wrong it must be a silly dream.

    Then I am walking around a huge disk. I am indoors like on a ... spaceship floating near ground level.

    I see a large field of brown ponies. They begin cantering in the same direction. I look again and now I see ostriges. They start lifting wings out behind them and running in the same direction.

    I am walking on the disk platform, knowing that I am dreaming. I want to fly and start jumping.

    I jump a long, long time because I know this is a dream and therefore I can fly.

    But like the ponies and ostriges I dont fly.

    So I walk.

    I lift the long white stick I am carrying and poke up to the sky. The stick tapps on a cieling far above me.

    Ugh. I'm not free to fly. I am inside something. I think the ponies and ostriges are outside.

    So I keep enjoy knowing that I am in a dream and I walk and walk till I wake up.

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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Annoyed but intruiged

      Am doing a Dream Power cource. 4 hours each Monday night. After learning the basics they (teacher and other 3 students) spent 48 minutes on my above dream.


      my 'Lucid Walking' dream was not a lucid dream.