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    lucidbunnie's dream

    by , 11-12-2018 at 12:44 AM (345 Views)
    I am puttinf lucidbunnie's dream
    in my dj so I can always find it
    I add ⚘ where lucidbunnie separated paragraghs
    Because I always format paragraphs to the my almost illiterste 5/6 year old can follow
    (I havr DID there are three of me)

    ⚘Creating alternate timelines...⚘

    Hi there,

    Has anyone of you experimented with time manipulation? Like changing any past events? Please share your experiences.*

    I had an experience today that I felt like sharing. I have been pretty down with the anniversary of my SO, Kana, passing away come and gone. I have one of my emotional breakdowns and cry myself to sleep. Pretty common for me when I'm out of my antidepressants. I had this dream:*

    Alternate Timeline (time-dilated dream).
    I'm not sure what to make of it.


    Alternate Timeline (time-dilated dream)

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    *, Today at 07:55 (40 Views)

    Note: For Privacy reasons, I will leave out
    the dates and some of the details.

    I find myself in an unusual world, it felt surreal,
    but I'm not a stranger to this kind of experiences.
    I didn't have a body.
    I was a floating point of consciousness.
    It seemed everything was made up of
    pieces of reflections.
    It's hard to explain.

    I ask my guide where I was
    and I hear her voice in my mind -

    "The Fractal World"

    and she explains it interconnects different realities.

    I was fully lucid all this time.
    I decide to go into the past and try to save Kana.
    I didn't focus on a time,
    I just wanted to be taken to a time
    that will ideally help me save her.
    One of the fractals pulsates.
    I go towards it
    and all of a sudden
    the world collapses and I wake up in my bed.

    I was groggy.
    I do a reality check half-heartedly
    and confirm it's not a dream.
    I look around sleepily and
    was surprised to see I was in my old bedroom,
    the one I shared with Kana.

    I look to my side and she was lying there awake
    looking at me curiously.

    I become wide awake.

    She looked so frail.
    I grab the phone and look the day,
    it was the day she was taken to Casualty (ER)!
    I try all possible reality checks multiple times
    and none of it shows I'm dreaming.

    I have had time-dilated dreams that are so realistic that reality checks become unreliable.

    Kana says weakly that it's not a dream.

    She says that when she finds me doing reality checks repeatedly. I feel her temperature and she was chillingly cold as if there was no life left in her... exactly like it was that day.

    I didn't care if it was a dream or not at this point.
    I am not going to let it happen again.
    I insist we go to ER right away
    and this time we go to*another*hospital.
    The hospital we were going didn't have our best interests.

    Something I didn't know back then.
    I had my own health problems
    leaving me sort of crippled,
    but I fought through it despite the pain.

    The hospital we were going to were unprepared to treat her from day 1, so instead of letting her survive and seek treatment elsewhere, they kept making her go for tests day after day without telling us what's up.

    It only became clear after she passed away that they were unprepared to treat her condition. So, essentially they were milking us of any money we had until she died instead of letting us go get treated elsewhere.

    They even refused to admit her in a room saying they were full.

    It came up later that they didn't admit her because they couldn't treat her.

    It was easier for them to have her die outside their hospital.

    So, long story short, not only did they not save her, they made her suffer a lot by having her do the same expensive tests over and over.

    However, what actually killed her was not her condition... it was septic shock from a procedure they did without anesthesia in ICU without consulting anyone or asking for Kana's own consent.

    Not only it was traumatic for her to endure the pain with no sedatives, the area got infected from contaminated equipment leading to all her organs shutting down.

    They didn't even do resuscitation when she flatlined a day later the proedure saying there was little they could do even if they revived her.

    She managed to hang on for around 1 day after the procedure saying she doesn't think she's going to make it but didn't want to leave without talking to me.

    That night, they didn't let me stay beside her holding her hand as she wanted.

    They said they don't allow "visitors" after visiting hours.

    Next time I was called in it was to let me know she has passed away.

    During her last moments, we had given her tests and scans to another bigger hospital which was quite a bit farther away. They said they were well-equipped to treat her, but now it's too dangerous to move her because her body was shutting down from septic shock.

    They were furious why we didn't bring her there before the procedure with contaminated equipment. It was still safe to move her before they did that precedure which pretty much sealed her fate.


    in this dream reality, I wanted to make a difference.

    I knew how it'll play out if we go into the same hospital.

    There is still a chance to save her if she doesn't get contaminated.

    I try to get Kana up from bed, she had no energy. She says she was too weak to go anywhere. I ask her to do it for me and she gives in.

    I manage to take her to the big hospital. I'll skip over the details. Few days pass. The flow of time was realistic. She was under treatment. She was in ICU for a day but got her own room when she was ready. She had some surgical procedures to treat her actual condition. The day she passed away comes and goes and she was still alive! I did reality checks every chance I got...

    it was still not a dream.

    I was happy, was I stuck in a reality where Kana survives? I was overjoyed. I go back to her room and tell her about this other reality where she doesn't make it. I give her a long hug and sit down beside her. She holds my hand tightly.

    Kana: "I'm sorry..."

    I look at her confused as tears fill up her eyes. The world around me distorts into fractals and I "wake up" in this reality, 3 years in the future, back in a world without Kana. I don't know what to make of it. Was it just a "dream" or did I experience a parellel reality where she survives?



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    *|**Reply by LighrkVader

    That is completely mind blowing. I don't really know what to say. I hope you're ok.

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