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    by , 12-29-2012 at 04:33 PM (309 Views)

    FalseAwakening. woke kneeling in a 3 ft open black hard-rubber tube. wondered where I was and how I got there. It was dark and it felt like I had been asleep and just woke up. But don't remember ever waking-up in kneeling position before. Couldnt't really feel my, below-the-waste, I wasn't in discomfort and that felt good but strange.

    I go to get-uo. It becomes totally black for 2 seconds as I try to get to my feet (that I can't feel.

    Then someone is there (in my head). he says somethjng like ..."you shouldn't drop-off to sleep in that state of mind" or "you shouldn't entertain those kind of thoughts as you fall asleep" or something.

    Then I stop trying to stand and crawl forward instead.

    I can see a bit but it is still very dark, like night-time with no artificial light. I push with my hand and see my hand push against tight mosquito netting.

    I crawl against the mosquito netting and I'm out. I'm now outside. I am in a empty animal barn. Very dark and I don't see them but I know other humans are asleep under mozzy-nets in the barn.

    I gotta do my chores

    I find two stainless steel buckets (the kind used to milk cows). I fill them with strange food. Then the food looks a bit like meat and minced ofal (minced; kidney, heart, liver, pancreas ect).

    I'm satisfied that it is the right type and consistency for what I got to feed and pick up a bucket in each hand and head out into the dark, dark night.

    The path is a bit gravelly and noisy and it would be bad manners to wake others so I move off the path onto soft grass. Then I notice that I am walking on grass (with big wide-open daisies) in the dark.

    I get to the "ramp" (a steel grid that vehicles and people can traverse but sheep and cows can't). I cross the ramp and a pack of black bull-dogs bound over cos they smell what I'm carrying.

    I begin to feel tjis is a dream. If this is not a dream then I'd be in "mortal danger". I don't feel that I'm in mortal danger. (EOD)

    I'm awake... but I feel wiered ... like this too could be a False awakening.

    I realise that in real-life if I was alone, in the dark, on a big property (where no one could hear me scream) I would just be a bucket of meat and ofal to a pack of black dogs.

    I groggily go to "Chat" and tell them the wiered "False Awakening" then realise I'd better DJ it. I tellum in chat that I'm off to DJ it.

    Wjen I close "Chat" I'm in my "Profile" (???)

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