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    1. Camera and money

      by , 08-22-2011 at 12:45 AM
      Just before I wos woken by a.knock on my door I was carrying a very good camera on a metal stick.

      The stick might have been a tripod. It as tall as me but it was not in the way or an encumberance.

      I got on busses with it.

      When I reached up to look through the camera I saw things very clear and magnified and could gently turn and see a 180 or maybe a 360 view.

      But when I looked without the camera, some things weren't there. Like I saw a nice horse through the camera but when I looked to see why a horse was in the shop, it wasn't there.

      I was on the street, then in a confectionary shop (sweets). Then buying a very unusual cake, two slices. I asked if they could break a fifty dollar note, they couldn't. I gave them a $5.

      That made me aware that I had too much money. I went outside to catch a bus so I could look through my.spiffy camera (on the tall, slim tripod), at my sacred beach, (Henley-Grange beach).

      Looking in my bag for my bus ticket I found I had too much money.

      Every purse and compartment, in my bag had $50s and $20s and $10s and $5s even Commemorative coins from Ireland.

      I let a bus go by as I tried to put all the $5s in one purse or compartment, the
      $10s in another, $20s in another and $50s in another.

      But, I swere, more and.more notes were appearing. Then I woke. Some one knocking on my door. It was a nice guest telling me that he changed his mind about leaving and he wanted to stay.

      Now I remember that before that dream I woke in a dream bedroom. It had nothing but a bed in it. I got up and was kinda turned-on, full of energy, totally comfortable in my skin and ready for what ever the day might bring.

      It is now 9:03am Monday 22/August/11 here in Adelaide, South Australia.
    2. first attempt

      by , 08-12-2011 at 08:35 PM
      It is 3:33am and just woke from first nightmare in decades.

      Was walking home through back streets of (unknown) city.

      As I was climbing outside stairs to my apartment I noticed groups of 2 and 3 standing around on street, glancing at me.

      As I came inside I was feeling a little scarred and said to my family of many wearing blue tops, "please! Don't go out side tonight. There are teams of people in red spoiling for a fight. Please just stay inside till it passes.

      But, somehow, it didn't sunrise me that all of my very big family left the large highrise apartment building to fight the red's on the street.

      Then a.third gang, all Negro's, male and female came into my families highrise, (after all my family had gone). They didn't want much. They all just wanted me to join there black-gang, and fight on there side as one of them.

      I felt my only choice was to say "No" and stick to my guns. If I wavered I'd be stuck among a group of people that I didn't want to be with forever. Like, if I.pretended to join them, just to stop them hurting me then I'd be permenately stuck in a war with this darkskined gang and would have betrayed my own family.

      I had a gun in my hand. It was from Sean Lee's blog, "timeisnotlinea.com".

      I visited there for the first time last night.

      I used the butt, cos I didn't want to shoot or kill anyone. I kept sacking the skinny brown shoulders of this Negro. He was being hurt, and I felt.sorry for him, but he was not going to quit.

      I realised that, sad as THEY were about it, they were determined that I join them or Die. Them was the only options.

      They pushed me higher and higher up the scaffolding of this building, till I was very alone and scared.

      I looked down. It was a long way down. They intended to murder me.

      I knew I had to die to stay free.

      God, was my freedom worth dying for (!!!!!?!!!!!)

      No! They were not going to force me to join them and fight with them, as one of them.

      They were sad for me but them's the rules and I was bundled into an open cart and the cart was sent hurtling down a long steep rocky mountain to a.dump.

      Then I was watching me on the cart, hurtling to my doom.

      Then woke-up.3:33am.

      This was my first attempt at dreaming off being with you guys at the pyramid

      It is now 4:39am Saturday 13/ Aug/11 here in Adelaide, South Australia.
      non-lucid , nightmare