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    Password is Homunculus

    by , 08-23-2012 at 05:01 AM (407 Views)
    Running Horse 10 hours worth (hahahah)


    I went to sleep trying to affirm:

    “Because “U” love me
    every thing is perfect in my world
    and I am always prepared
    thank you, thank you.”

    I woke and my last dream was an hypnagogic image of a large black face looking to me in an open way. The large black head was on a naked, crouched oddly small male body. Then I got the world “homunculus” then this Youtube began playing in my mind (hahaah) so I knew I had to get to an Internet cafe and post.

    It is now 1:25pm Thursday 23-Aug-2012 and I woke at about 11am.

    password is "Homunculus"

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