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    "Salt" (password) 1

    by , 10-06-2012 at 05:58 AM (343 Views)
    Password: "salt"


    Squarish chunks of colour moving towards me with spaces inbetween like in an invisible soft tube. Out in space not inside fluid or underground. 12:44pm Sat 6-Oct-12.

    As I happily became aware that I was having a hipnapop (waking image) I got the word "Salt".

    Wow- just got up and started puting a sock on my right foot and there is a indigo bruise under my big toe nail. That immediately made me remember a dream snipet from last night:

    I was picking at my big toe nail because in the dream it was way-too-long and dry. Then the whole big toe nail peeled-off painlessly (oops). No pain or discomfort and as I poked, cuiously at the my big toe where the nail should be, it was only soft for a second. It was hardening up quickly.

    Wow my dreaming brain informed me last night that I was loosing a big toe nail but not to worry because there would be no pain and it would harden-up again in no time.

    (I have diabetic neuropathy in feet. Thats why I don't remember bumping my toe hard enough to bruise under the nail.) I am thrilled that my brain informed me before I saw it, wow.

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