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    serial dream in 5 parts

    by , 03-20-2014 at 03:19 AM (375 Views)
    Took two pain killers early last night and retired. I counted my heart-beats and fell asleep. Woke five times from the same dream, falling asleep and resuming it where I left off.

    1) - I'm at school. I do 3 separate classes with 3 different sets of students but the one teacher. He was tall, short, curly-black (or very dark brown) hair, slim indigo, silk, light-weight robe. He looks to "right" when he looks at me. (eod 1)

    2) - .... continuing same dream ... We have done 3 different classes with this tall teacher and it's first break (morning tea). I choose to leave school grounds to get some snack. I have to be back for class 4 in 20 minutes or so. I'm walking up the shopping precinct of the town. An interesting, big shop grabs my attention. Camping shop. I walk in. I systematically walk down every isle to view every item in the shop. Then I leave worried that if I don't hurry up I will be late for lesson 4. (eod 2)

    3) - Awake I feel the interesting (re-entry) dream has something to do with ... the (rvdc) dreamschool I first encountered in 2008. I feel I should get up and dream journal but don't. I count my heart beats and drop-off.

    I'm walking down industrial streets trying to find my way back to school. I'm thinking that I should not have left school premises. I should have uses the tuck shop or school cafeteria instead of leaving school premises. (eod 3)

    4) - woke, had a wee. Listenrd to heart beat and dropped off. I'm walking and hear a funny sound behind me. I notice I am walking on a country gravel road. There is a woman riding a quad-bike (with three wheels) coming up behind me. It makes strange roaring sounds. She is enjoying herself, skidding around on here impressive machine. Then gate-doors open and she goes into a big factory building. I call out to her (apparently I know her in the dream) I say I want to follow her but I got to get back to scool. (eod 4)

    5) - After a light awakening I drop-off counting my heart-beats but I can't remember any numbers so I keep saying ten, ten, ten, in rhythm to my beating heart.

    I'm kinda lost. I've probably missed most of class four already. I'm in trouble. I need to get onto a main street. But I'm in some fenced-off, gated housing estate. I ask a couple in their house "how do I get out and get onto a main street? " but they are no help. I walk a bit and notice that their garage door is not rolled all the way down. Happily I roll under it and I'm freeee!!!

    I go into there house to thank them. Then I back behind the garage rola door but just as I'm feeling dismayed I notice that half the garden door is almost rolled down but half is rolled all the way-up. So I walk out.

    The couple are there telling me that my teacher at the school was worried when I didnít return to class after morning tea. He called the police.

    Then the 2 police were there but they weren't the to drag me back to the school but to get me "home" safely. I happily got into the police car for a nice, free ride home. (eod 5)

    I never had a five psrt serial dream before.

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