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    Sole fish

    by , 07-30-2012 at 06:34 AM (462 Views)
    Sole fish

    Dream Snippet. Caught bus sat on single swival seat near back of bus at left-hand side window. Folks gasped in (almost) protest and the guy in the seat in front said a low "aww" as if I shouldn't take that seat. But I was'nt and didn't feel rejected.

    Also my seat was a single where-as the others were in normal double bus seats. No one could sit next to me.

    Next Dream snippet I was in small food court with people from bus. One food stall had strange chocolates but the chocolate stall man also sold grilled fish at the the right-side end of his stall. He was interested in me buying from him. He looked a bit like a pencil sketch.

    I went to a table with a couple of people from the buss. I told them about the nice (cold) grilled sole and that I will have that. (end of dream).

    I read you post at about 1am (my time) where you said:

    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    Welcome DebraJane! Thank you for participating

    I think you should be in New Zealand group because you're in GMT -9:30? Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not good at calculating stuff lol
    I was already in bed thinking of hooking-up with you guys (Windhover, Atras, Juroara, The danknight, thebeastofold, Lmrhone and Abra. Oh, and Sydney) so after I put the phone down I thought "relax and stop incubating, Any Dream Will Do".

    But it looks like I hopped on your dream buss and as I sat down you guys knew I'd caught the wrong bus. But I rode along with you any way cos my intention (incubation) was set and I was too sleepy to stop it. (hehehe)

    Later today I will try and find the New Zealand group. Bye-bye.

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