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    Ten Glasses

    by , 10-31-2012 at 11:44 AM (289 Views)
    I ve been up over an hour and my dream just broke.

    I was talking somewhere (maybe a shop) to someone (maybe a woman behind the counter). I was telling this woman about my mouse. As I remembered this it occured to me that my mouse is a secret and I don't mention any thing about him to just anyone.

    So maybe it wouldent have happened it my waking life as it first felt. It must have been a dream.

    I'm a multi (disociative) and this dream makes me wonder how many dreams have I believed to be normal waking events.

    In this dream I was telling this woman how I read on line that a hampster owner would put her hampster on a wheel (for exercise) for 20 minutes twice a day. I was asking the woman if I should get my mouse to use his wheel more.

    She wasn't replying. Come to think of it she looked a bit like my mum but taller.

    As I woke I said in my head "ten glasses".

    Now I just wrote that down in case that was mum and 10 is one of those Lotto numbers I've been trying to dream-up.

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