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    tiny insecys on skin

    by , 02-20-2013 at 09:24 AM (369 Views)
    I really don't want to log this dream fragment but I went to "Chat" afyer thinking about it and Carousoul said "insects crawling all over you" (or something). It was mearn't as a trolling insult.

    But it was an EXPLOSIVE sync.

    It was the dream I woke from and wasn't going to log because it was to short and meaningless and icky.

    I told Carousoul the on the strength of that EXPLOSIVE sync I give Carousoul full permission to Troll me when ever she feels the need.

    She said "good"

    I said

    "HAHAHA What have I done? (squeek-squeek)

    In dream I thought Buckello my little white mouse tulpa was scurrying over my skin (arms). But when I looked I had two or three tiny insects scurrying and slipping off my arms.

    I was non-lucid so I couldn't remember what form my tulper was. So I took it for granted that these were my beloved tuloa.

    I studied these tiny insects. I couldn't recognise them. Then there was a sandy feel then I was awake.

    I kept trying to remember what insect possibly resembled them and finally thought they might be a cross between a tiny cicarda and something.

    Then I remember seeing a pic on the "Random Image Thread" of a dog-faced horse. It spoke to me of a creature representing "mans best friend" (the dog) and "a four legged friend" (horse)

    A four legged friend - Roy Rogers

    (1:10) 98,077 views

    I went looking for the dog-horse on that thread but I looked through 64 pages of the 93 pages so it was like looking for a "needle in a hay stack.

    So I chuffed-off to "Chat" and had that mindblowing interchange with Carousoul. I hadn't even put the dream in phone notes ( I'm doing that right now) So even if Carousoul was somehow hacked right into my phone she couldn't know I had insects crawling over my body in last nights dream.

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