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    by , 01-20-2013 at 04:27 AM (270 Views)
    I lifted my curtain and was suprised th find a small tortus shell, half grown kitten sitting outside my window. Specifically the far left pane of my big window. The healthy kitten was sitting and looking looking (squarely) at me.

    I magically reached through the glass window to grab the cat. It had smooth perfectly round lumps under its black/gray skin. Thinking that the disease might be contagous I stopped touching the kitten.

    I knew the kitten wanted water and as I left to get the water I asked people if the cat's condition was a contagious disease.

    when I got back to my room with the water and lifted the curtain the cat was in the (exact) same sitting position, waiting for me. but there was a mother cat with a sleek, black coat, walking outside the middle of the big window.

    Then, as I was folding material and tidying my room getting ready for having painters paint my walls. But I looked-ip and they (two painters) were already in my room. A wall had waves of something on it. In the dream I thought that they were putting a layer of ummm ...insulating putty on my walls. Not paint.

    I woke and switched the TV on and a Siamese cat was filling the screen. The cat was given a saucer of milk and started lapping it up. The synchronicity made me type the dream into this phone note immediately.

    Mabe it (the dream) corrosponds to what is on the card in the Peppermint Tea box.

    Oh, when I was giving water to the cats it was raining outside the dream window. But the first time I lifted the curtain and found the kitten sitting up and looking straight at me, it was not raining.

    Also, that TV Cat was the "Charmed Ones" cat. I am watching it now and it is the first episode. Three sisters move into the family house and are discovering that they are witches and have powers.

    I just checked the blurb on the TV programme and it reads:

    "In San Francisco, the three vastly different Halliwell sisters are reunited in the grand Victorian home of their childhood."

    Apparently their grandmar has just died in hospital (of old age) and this episode is the beginning.


    This IS the beginning dear Reader.

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