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    wk 9 rv dteam KGS

    by , 02-05-2014 at 01:46 PM (454 Views)
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    Is week 9s target A (Kiml) King George Square, Brisbane, Australia?

    After asking for a dream of target A (Kiml) I just woke from this dream.


    I wake up at the root of a wide-trunk tree, (Banyan Tree?)

    I lean to my left to see around the trunk a bit and there is a person sitting, meditating. I notice I'm sitting cross-legged (was I just meditating?). I stand. There are a few meditaters around the tree. As I move away I see meditaters on lower ground but still in the shade of this tree.

    A man moved off and I follow him (grey long floral-stripey tunic). Interestingly, I have to do my wobbly (neuropathic) walk to keep-up with him.

    I ask him where he is from. He asks me

    "Do you know about the (muslim-Indian) catastrophe?".

    It is to hard for me to keep up with him on my neuropathic feet. I watch him stride accross a wide city road. Then I turn to go back to the Tree.

    I look right, standing still and realise I am in Brisbane.

    I am looking down on King George Square from Anne and Roma Street. (EOD)

    Awake I Googled here is the best article I found:


    No Cookies | The Courier-Mail


    When I lived in the West End in 1977-87 the square had grass and a fountain but in the dream I just woke from, it was all cement and very hot looking.

    It is 8am Saturday 1-February-2014. I am watching TV. Maybe the (Muslim, India) catastrophe is this:


    India's LGBT community crushed by decision to uphold a ban on homosexuality


    AEDTMembers of India's gay and lesbian community say they're crushed by the decision of the country's highest court to uphold a ban on homosexuality.

    The Indian Supreme Court dismissed an appeal against its judgement last December which re-criminalised gay sex.

    That decision, which was supported by India's main religious groups, reimposed a maximum penalty for homosexual sex of life imprisonment.

    Here is the link:


    India's LGBT community crushed by decision to uphold a ban on homosexuality - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


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