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    03/03/16 - 04/03/16: I am a crocodile

    by , 03-05-2016 at 07:16 PM (381 Views)
    So tonight was similar to last night. I recall at least 3 dreams (it isn't very clear what belongs to one dream or is a different dream) but only short fragments of them.

    Went to bed: 22:00
    Fell asleep: 22:30
    Awakening 1: ?
    Fell asleep: ?
    Final awakening: 5:50

    Techniques used: water method for natural awakening.

    1: Apricot marmelade

    Not much recalled, but I was sitting at the table in the living room having breakfast when my mother told me the apricot marmelade I was about to put on my slice of bread is carcinogenic (WTF!?). I immediately put it back, but then she says it might just be the lid.

    2: N''s pictures, T in the gym

    N from college is showing me pictures she has taken recently. There are some beautiful sceneries, sunsets and then something from an indoor zoo. As soon as she shows me the zoo picture I am 'teleported' to the location in the picture. I walk around the place and it is not really a zoo, at the time I knew what it was and what I was doing but I cannot recall it. I had special privileges, being able to go through doors normal people couldn't go through.

    At one point I go into a room and it turns out to be a gym, with 5 rows of weight training machines. In the middle of the third row I see T on a machine. I'm only mildly surprised to see him, even though he never goes to a gym IRL and I haven't seen him for like 6 months. I greet him, say something like 'hey, it's been a while!' and that's it.

    3: I am a crocodile\

    This is, hands down, the weirdest dream I've ever had. I am a crocodile, lying in the sea, about a mile from the coast. I can see the shore, and there are a few buildings there. Suddenly it all explodes, multiple mushroom clouds arise and everything is burning. I turn away from the shore for a while and see the most stunning sunset I've seen in my life. It was just mesmerizing. I relaxed completely and thought to myself: "I could just relax here and drown in peace now". Then I started thinking about whether I should try to swim to shore. I'm afraid to get mutated by the radiation from the bombs, but after some thinking I decide to go anyway. As I start swimming I turn into a human again (I see my arms while swimming) but I still feel/think I am a crocodile/don't realize I am human. As I swim I wake up.

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