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    11/03/16 - 12/03/16: Planning to move to France

    by , 03-13-2016 at 01:50 PM (267 Views)
    I went out friday night, so I didn't expect much and didn't get much, but what I got was actually very interesting.

    Went to bed: 02:30
    Final awakening: 7:30

    Daytime techniques: Practicing self-awareness using state-checks.
    Nighttime techniques: None

    1: Planning to move to France

    I'm with my parents and little brother, sitting at the dining table. We are looking at a map of a part of Europe, including The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. On the map you can see city names (I remember Brussels and Paris in particular) and a train route going from Amsterdam to the east of France, the border with southern Germany. In the east of France, at the far end of the route, there is a picture showing some rollercoasters (really small, as if looking at them from an airplane). We are talking about where we should go or something, but it also has to do with me moving out of the house (since I attend university now). My brother becomes very enthousiastic when he sees the rollercoasters, because one of them is apparently the biggest of the world. I look closer at the train route, and along the route are tags on which you can see whether the train stops at every station or only at large cities. Also, along one of the lines, the words "LUCID DREAMING" are written, and I notice them, but don't pay any further attention to the words. I say something like: "Oh, they're all really fast trains so I might even go there and back home every day!", jokingly, and we all laugh. Then I wake up and feel really stupid,

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