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    29/02/16 - 01/03/16: Carnival, college prank

    by , 03-01-2016 at 10:55 AM (455 Views)
    I have decided to, from now on, note bedtimes and times of awakening in this journal. I think this will help me analyse what sleep schedule is best for my dream recall, since it has been quite inconsistent the last few days.

    Went to bed: 22:30
    Fell asleep: 23:00
    Awakening 1: 01:30 (no dreams recalled)
    Fell asleep: 02:00
    Final awakening: 06:30 (two fragments recalled)

    My recall was not amazing this night but tonight it's going to be great!

    I recall two fragments. The themes were all a bit negative and a dark atmosphere persevered through my dreams.

    Fragment 1: alone at the carnival

    I was outside some seemingly desolated building. It felt like it was late at night, it was dark and gloomy. Inside the building I knew was some carnival attraction. I think it resembled the Break Dance (see this picture). I was negotiating with myself whether I wanted to go or not. Part of me wanted to ride, but I didn't want to be the only one on the thing. I walked into the building and to my surprise I found that the attraction was packed. From there I don't recall what happened, but I think I decided not to ride in the end.

    Fragment 2: college friends played a prank on me

    I was sitting in a hall that I think was supposed to resemble a lecture hall, but it was not sloped and quite small. S was sitting to my right, R to his right, and N to his right in turn. I have no idea what was going on to my left. We were looking at a powerpoint that was being presented. On the current slide were four pictures equally divided over the slide. I have no idea what was on three of the slides, but on the bottom right one was a picture of a bodybuilder with my face from a photo from when I was 12 photoshopped on top of his face. I felt really miserable and disappointed in my friends seeing that. I looked at them and all three of them were laughing. I got a little angry and asked them why they did this. They apologized but couldn't stop laughing. Their eyes held not the slightest trace of regret. I got angrier and shouted at them (I don't remember what) and felt really disrespected. Then I think I went on to other dreams, or I would've recalled it better.

    I find it strange to have had three of these negative, dark and unfriendly dreams in the last two days. I wonder what it could mean, but most of all I hope my dreams will be more positive from now. It doesn't really affect my mood negatively, but normally my dreams do affect my mood positively, so I would like to get back to that again.
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