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    1. Cruise

      by , 07-06-2011 at 07:17 PM
      Just with my family on a sweet vacation in some picturesque coastal city. Hanging out in a long rectangular indoor swimming pool, picnic tables along the sides, and the ceiling opens like a hangar door once the sun comes up. There's even a fairly classy restaurant serving the whole thing. I felt so relaxed during this dream, it was great! I remember chilling in the pool, enjoying the sun, getting some lunch, running into a bunch of friends, just having a good time.
    2. Shifter

      by , 07-02-2011 at 03:42 AM
      Last night I was a sort of vigilante private investigator that could shift between states of reality (ie, there was reality, then there was this second state where things in that state were semi transparent and could only interact with objects/people in the same state. When I was in that state I could also cause other objects/people to shift into that state as well). My partner (who has the same shifting skill) and I were in an early 1900s city trying to figure out who ruined a certain scientist's groundbreaking medical research. His lab (on the 9th floor of a 12-story building) had been totally burned and the fire had severely damaged the surrounding floors. My first place I checked out was the building itself.

      The dream actually started when I went in with a team of four other investigators. Turns out there were a bunch of assassins or something trying to torch the rest of the building, and they would stop the elevator at every floor as and we'd have to get out and fight them hand-to-hand. It was intense. At one point these assassins started using Halo-style plasma swords. That was one heck of a fight. It was crazy vivid.

      Once my team and I made it to the scientist's floor, we discovered there wasn't much to see. The floor had collapsed, and the floors above and below it were so badly burned we were afraid the rest of the building would come down, so we left.

      The dream became somewhat disconnected after that, and I just remember me and my partner checking out potential suspects at dinner parties in fancy hotel lobbies and walking through some underground walkway (kind of like a subway) discussing the case. We would use our shifting abilities to hide inside walls and listen in on conversations, get inside locked rooms, tail suspects, etc.

      The dream returned to maximum realism for the climax. My partner and I, having made only disconnected discoveries, were in a small auditorium watching this scientist and his assistants give their much-delayed presentation on his groundbreaking discovery. Halfway through the presentation, I noticed my partner was quite uneasy. I had asked the scientist a question, and he had kind of freaked out when he saw my partner. At this point, the scientist totally lost it, started throwing things at my partner, and the clues assembled themselves and I realized my partner had committed the crime. Right then and there he tried to pull a knife. I ran, and at the doors one of his minions burst through and tried to kill me. A second guy locked the door behind him. I actually remember blocking the attack, then grabbing him around the neck from behind and stabbing him in the gut out of desperation with a pen lying close by on a table.

      While my partner and I had been successful at hiding our shifting ability from others up to that point, I was forced to shift into the alternate state and escape by running right through the locked door. My partner shifted as well and tried to follow, but I shifted the door and he smashed into it totally cartoon style. From then I only remember sprinting down the stairs and bursting out into the street. Night had fallen. Police were coming.

      Then I woke up all like "duuuuuude."
    3. Fishing

      by , 05-18-2011 at 01:51 PM
      I'm floating around in this little murky pond surrounded by trees, I'm fishing, I start talking to my friend and I'm not paying attention and I flip over the tiny boat we're floating around in. He laughs hysterically. Then, I get out, and I almost drop my iPod in the water! Thankfully I grabbed the headphones cord and swung it to safety. Never did catch anything...
    4. Fragmented images of a metalworking yard

      by , 05-17-2011 at 02:25 AM
      Rows of steel beams on racks, a grinder wheel, sheds, all next to a highway and overlooking a large field.
      non-lucid , dream fragment