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    Deja vu [Nightmare]

    by , 08-09-2012 at 04:08 AM (528 Views)
    This is my first dream journal entry!
    Will keep this Dream journal updated on a regular basis.

    So, it all starts of into this castle. I was reading a book, and suddenly i got teleported into the story of that book. I didn't realise this while i was in my dream, and i can't really remember how the story went in the book. I just know it had a 'scary' side to it. Then suddenly i had a false awakening. I was about to do a reality check, but something grabbed me and was tossing me around the room. I realised that this already happend in a previous dream, so i knew i was dreaming! I was telling myself that i shouldn't panic. Sadly it was really dark in my room, so i didn't see what was happening around me. I decided to do a kamehameha wave! Who knows how i got that idea in my head. So i started saying "KAAAAA-MEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAAA-MEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA", and it failed. Needless to say i was embarrassed, but the nice "whatever it was" letted me go anyway (Maybe i got some bonuspoint for trying!).

    Then i wanted to turn on the lights. This didn't work sadly, but suddenly i could atleast see a little bit. So that was good enough for me, and then i left my room. Then i wanted to go outside. So i decided i was gonna walk through the door, but while i was going through that door a girl was just in the middle of it and stopped me. At that point i was thinking about sex, who wouldn't with a girl like that! So i did my thing, won't go into details . Then i woke up for real. DAMN U DREAM SEX!!!!!!! Overall, pretty happy. Didn't do as mutch as i hoped for though. I really wanted to meet my dream guide!

    (All my dream entries will be short. Just so you guys know.)

    This is how she 'looked' like: (But just with a red dress)

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