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    Arrested labor & dorm like living

    by , 05-28-2016 at 08:42 PM (397 Views)
    D 1: Non-lucid- Mike & I were driving along & I was telling him to slow down so we didn't get stopped but he didn't listen & a cop came up behind us with his lights flashing but just went around us. Then out of nowhere another cop came up from behind us & before we know it we are in some military installation & are made to some kind of labor on an assembly line. Then at the end of the day they say we are going to receive some sort of compensation but instead of giving us money they say they are going to give money to our favorite charity & I was livid thinking "we are a kind of charity" seeing as we are badly in need of money.

    I lost dream 2

    Dream 3: There are four of us somehow related 1 was a toddler & then another that is about 10 & then the 2 older ones are me & a guy who are in our teens. It seems like we weren't all related biologically but step siblings somehow. We are in some sort of low budget carnival on the grounds where we are supposed to be staying. My dad was there with us telling us to be good etc. There is a playpen, a wooden one like back in the early 70's. We were trying to figure out how we would all fit in this tiny thing for some reason & complaining. Then us kids were sent up to a room to live in what was like a dorm & after we entered the room I woke up.

    Yesterday I took a nap using this video below. I was in a dream & became lucid & was trying to change the whole dream into Platform 9 3/4 but my daughter called & I had to deal with that. I was so pissed off! I have never tried to change a whole dream before to make it what I wanted I have always either just been there already or it was a very close scene to what I wanted.

    Explanation of details-Blue
    Side Notes-Purple
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    1. Elaineylane's Avatar
      Here's the meditation I'm using now, it's really good.

    2. woblybil's Avatar
      Almost always when I become lucid in an already well developed story i'm stuck in that story..The only way I get to pick and choose my own dream story is when i'm lucid right out of bed, Which hasn't happened for a while but when it does my first inclination is to zip to the bathroom and play faces in the mirror, Unless I force myself away I can waste a whole lucid dream right in front of the mirror (or thru it)
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    3. Elaineylane's Avatar
      Keep at it. It'll happen. It's all about practice practice practice, lol. Also being conscious of your consciousness during the day but especially the evening. Just look at stuff that your doing & saying it out loud. Mostly they need to be things you know won't happen accurately in a dream. Like reading, saying what time it is, noticing all details of anything you are doing or people around you. Shapes, colors, signs. The way things function such as a fan. Also daydreaming helps sometimes. Just sit & try to vividly imagine things that aren't even possible during your waking life like flying. (or at least not to my knowledge I can't, lol.) Some people report having amazing abilities so maybe we do have the capability to fly but just don't know it.
    4. Dreamwalkwr's Avatar
      I just want to interject here that changing your whole dream, unless it's a bad dream or you're searching for something apecific can loose the spiritual element behind the experience.