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    Chaos in the streets- A glimpse of living under Martial Law

    by , 11-15-2016 at 05:57 PM (219 Views)
    non-lucid: I was w/ a group of people preparing to go into a part of America where we were to secretly vote but must be coached & heavily guarded due to the civil unrest of a kind of fall out from Martial Law which turned into what looked like a 3rd world country. Some sections were completely taken over by way more than a military presence. There were parts that were taken over by local thugs in the city. It was a whole lot of violence. Militia were the ones helping us. These were a mix of races of concerned military persons who were trying to take back our country. It was disheartening to the reality of what could actually happen here. Those of us who were white had to hide our faces & also vice versa for black people w/ us in order for us to stay safe during our journey through different areas that were biased to whichever group of people they were against. There was a big focus on making sure we filled out our ballots correctly in order for them to count to an underground group of citizens trying to take back their country. It reminded me of those persecuted & killed during the Nazi reign where citizens banded together to stay safe & become the resistance. We were the resistance in my dream. We were the people who were trying to stop the oppression. We even went through a very crude lesson in firing guns & protecting ourselves w/ strategy & knowing how to deal w/ those we encounter. Such as when to get down, how to recognize different groups of ppl we would encounter according to our race. This was a very vivid informative dream for me do to the civil unrest & oppression that resulting from most of us voting for Trump to try & break free from the political agenda of the elites. (Essentially those whom did not vote for Hillary.) What the people that voted for Hillary do not understand is that our history has been actually changed in academic books to educate a false history in favor of those who were the real racists (democrats) whom wanted to oppress the black community. Planned Parenthood is a form of eugenics which has been widely ingrained in our society for way too long. Our people in general are not racists put the establishment has promoted to pit races against each other in order to divide us. Hence my dream was structured like this. I think I'm going to do some outward meditation today because I've spent so much time dealing w/ a political war that I've been studying & educating others about for the last 16 yrs. I owe it to my country to continue to search for answers & put it out there via social media. We finally won the vote in Trump. He understands the real political agenda of the elite & is a business man whom we need badly in a country that is so insanely in debt & are in need of a good house cleaning & makeover.
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