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    Drunkin' Son & Violating Cherries!

    by , 05-30-2016 at 10:14 PM (334 Views)
    My youngest son had just graduated & we were in this big square in the town. Everywhere was a very elaborate party going on. Outside there were many outdoor food being sold & along the sides of the the square there were indoor restaurants selling high priced meals & alcohol. My son was really wasted & my husband didn't seem to care. I was telling him I didn't want him to drive but the next thing I knew he was driving recklessly with me in the passenger seat. He was driving on the shoulder & I was terrified. I told him he was driving off the road & he pulled back onto the rode again & was like "really"? Then we were suddenly back in the square & he ran off saying he needed to get his bike. I saw him riding it around the square & I still couldn't find my husband... Next I was in front of this ice cream counter outside in the square. There were all of these big cherries in the ice cream. I asked what that was all about & they told me they were like an exotic cherry & that I should try one. I became lucid as soon as I walked up to the ice cream counter so I remembered the TOTM for June so I attempted to put a cherry (they all had stems) up my butt & pull it out. I felt violated! It was not comfortable & felt like I pooped out a turd & was afraid I start pooping everywhere & woke up.

    Explanation of details: My son did really just graduate. There was no such after party or square there & my son is not a big drinker... I would have attempted the Platform 9 3/4 but I could tell I was close to waking up because I was losing the scene. Therefore the big cherry's with stems seemed the most possible scenario. And yes it is not June yet so I know it won't count.

    Explanation of details-Blue
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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      Omg that is so hilarious xD
      Glad your son graduated and it was a family thing
      my parents didnt show at mine lol
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    2. Elaineylane's Avatar
      That's so sad Neb! And yeah it was really funny. My husband was more like, wtf? Initially when I read it on the TOTM for June we both were thinking I wasn't going to even try it & then my dream gave me a scenario & I said, "Fuck it" & trudged forward with it, lol.
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