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    Spellbee's Spooky comp night 17

    by , 11-01-2016 at 09:28 PM (233 Views)
    2 pts- Interact with a Dream Character
    1 pt -stablization
    2 pts- wbtb
    10 pts- First DILD of the Night
    2 pts- chain a dream
    5 pts- super speed
    2 pts- Interact with a Dream Character
    5 pts- Gain Invulnerability
    5 pts- DC Changing
    10 pts- Fully Phase through Big Solid Object
    = 44 pts

    3 Step Goal:
    Element Manipulation
    Practice a Waking Life Hobby

    Personal New Goals:
    Voyage through a crack I make in the earth
    Find my dream house
    Take a magical train to another country

    Week 2 task Intermediate:
    Put on a halloween costume and gain the powers/abilities of the costume.

    D1: I was in this old house with infinite rooms. I know this house immediately because it's a dream sign for me. I've not seen it since I've been on DreamViews which was surprising in some way. I knew for sure I was dreaming & became lucid. This house has so many hidey hole places & rooms that it was like a playground for lucidity. But with that said I also had to try to find the meaning in it as well. There were a lot of people living there & I was milling around & getting familiar w/ the characters asking them things like why they were there. It was sad, most responses were from kids & adults that had been put in the foster care system. Which is where this dream stems from for me & teaches me things. I was standing at the bottom of a staircase when I got woke up by my phone.
    D2: I didn't get up, I just turned my volume off & fell right back into the same dream, hence "chaining a lucid". I wasn't at the bottom of the stairs though but in a kitchen. RC. I was talking to a man & explaining that I know this house well & he was rather pacifying in his answer. I now know why I'm in the dream. (It's personal, it's something about my father recently). I wall through out the house talking once more w/ others & trying to explain where the hidey places are. I walked right through a wall to get to another room which was kinda cool. It felt like everything went dark briefly & I ended up in the room I wanted to. In the room w/ me is a mouse so I make him big which was rather more startling than expected so I put him back to himself. It felt like it became more dangerous while big. I was really afraid I would run out of time so I walked up to the top floor which was like a big spiral staircase that was like a building top & jumped down to the bottom. I felt like superman cuz I landed in that kneeling pose, lol. I decided to run up the stairs back to the top at super speed but once I got to the top my dream decided to end. All in all a good night I'd say.

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