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    Take me to Church

    by , 04-10-2016 at 07:43 PM (308 Views)
    I titled this take me to church because it was fitting & ironically my ringtone, lol.. Dream 1 was just a dream fragment about a boyfriend I had in middle school but that's the extent to which I remember it which was a bummer. Dream 2 was more vivid where details were concerned but not very colorful except I noticed curtains that were a form of deep red which are basically the color of my own curtains in my living & dining rooms. So anyway, I was in this very large cathedral type of church w/ a lot of big winding stairs. Kind of like the ones in the school in Harry Potter, but they didn't move. I was taking care of a bunch of kids, mostly teens & we had to complete 3 tasks that were on these little pieces of paper. I didn't seem to do any task, this was just a given it seems. But we ran out of paper & I sent some of the kids down the stairs to gather some more paper slips w/ tasks but they came back empty handed. So, I decided to go myself w/ a few of them. One of which seemed like I knew them somehow & felt very connected to this older boy. But when I went down the stairs I was told that there weren't anymore available slips but that since it was lunch we could have lunch at this time. Someone led us into a cafeteria where they were starting to put the food away & we started to fill our trays & then I woke up.... It was almost like the dream was supposed to symbolize my quest of learning new information & the tasks represented the TOTM somehow. Like it I did, A B & C, I'd get the answers I was looking for. I woke up w/ the feeling that I should watch some video's on YouTube or something of people playing spin the bottle to trigger it in a LD. I'm hoping I find some because dreams of all sorts tend to have snippets of movies I've just watched or things I've just seen or memories that have fluttered through my brain during the day, etc.
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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      One of your dream signs seems to be food