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    Very good details & much needed sleep

    by , 09-10-2016 at 09:41 PM (360 Views)
    I kept having dreams all night but I didn't record them all because I really needed some sleep. I woke up when Meesha came in to be fed & closed the door so she wouldn't interrupt my sleep. Sorry Meesha Cat, but mommy needs to sleep!

    I dreamed that I was w/ my family most of the night. Not my children, husband, grandchildren, but my core family from when I was young that extended to my grandparents and such. We were in various places. I even found myself lucid but felt a strange pull to not change the dream. I felt like I was supposed to pay attention & learn. We were all in this gorgeous palace. The steps were like a block wide with giant pillars. The details were spectacular! I was really enjoying the details. My family was yet again trying to get me to interact w/ Crazy Daisy, my mom's mom. I was trying to calmly tell them that I do forgive her but I just don't choose to have such a compulsively toxic person in my life. There were a lot of tea settings & bells. Crazy Daisy collects bells & I came across a bunch of them in a store I frequent just a week ago. We went down into a theater in the palace. I went first & walked along the rows of red velvet chairs. When I got to the end off to the side of the stage I was discussing where we should put our stuff before we go back behind the stage. I was told to just put them near one of the folding velvet movie like chairs. I looked out over the auditorium & couldn't figure out what we were all going to do. I went up to the curtain & pulled it back & woke up.

    So I got a lucid but stayed true to myself & just bathed in the realness of it all. The great detail & such. I think we don't do enough of that & it's the foundation of lucid dreaming. Reminding yourself how real the dreamscape is in & of itself. My pull to find meaning was very strong. I don't know if my grandmother will pass soon or what. I also don't know why suddenly she is in a bunch of my dreams. It's odd. Usually dreams like that for me mean death, I'm going to talk to them soon, or I'm going to see them soon. Yes, that is a real gift I have. I also can ask where things are out loud & then find them. My husband loves that particular gift. I text him during the day opposed to saying it out loud some times because it works best when I ask him in particular for some reason. He also thinks I could find the winning lottery numbers somehow, lol. But I don't think it works that way. I have been talking out loud lately to my grand parents that have passed in hopes that they here me & give me a sign. Maybe it was that. I do forgive my grandmother, that is very real. I just don't like the feeling that I have about my family thinking I should talk to her. When they themselves acknowledge that she is a compulsive liar & fake. My parents & my brother are atheists & me & my sisters are not so we have an interesting dynamic. And when I say they are atheists, I mean they try to push that down people's throats on social media & are just as bad as people who do the same w/ religion. Good people yet pushy w/ this subject for some reason. I love them but they would never understand how spiritual I've become & would only mock it like they mock my cousin, who faithfully every day on Facebook is giving her thanks to God for everything. She also used to have an abusive ex like I did so I get it but yet she's still on the extreme side but always positive which is better than being a negative atheist. That's not to bash anyone but to say I don't like people being pushy in a negative way. At least my cousin doesn't push it on anyone. My sisters on the other hand have been in my thoughts. I have been struggling w/ telling them about some of the changes in my life such as lucid dreaming & other things that have been happening spiritually to me for like, forever, lol..... That's probably what this dream was really about. I talk to my family every day via a group text which is continuous. This is due to my parents new found traveling now that they have retired via their RV. They are currently in Canada.

    Side Notes-Purple
    Astral Projection/AP-Brown/OOB

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    1. Patience108's Avatar
      Nice I am just off to sleep ~ listening to my " lucid music " night night
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    2. Nebulus's Avatar
      Yes a sign would be nice
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    3. DawnEye11's Avatar
      It's sweet that you took the time to just be in the moment and go with the flow while observing.^w^Hopefully Crazy Daizy has more fruitful years to come but yeah.. things happen. At least she has been able to live for that long and you were able to forgive her. I'm not an athiest but I do know what you mean about the pushing beliefs on people problem.It's definetly better for things to happen out of will and not to be rushed.
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    4. Dragonworkz's Avatar
      Lucids like that can be very enriching, especially when it comes to stuff like this. Too often when I had lucids I would rush to do something else, rather than bathe in the scenery and detail.
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    5. Elaineylane's Avatar
      Thanks everyone. I was really afraid to post this so I cautiously worded it correctly as to not offend anyone because I don't bash anyone for their beliefs.