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    [SENSEI COMP - NIGHT 12] Alien Place + Sand Tunnel

    by , 08-29-2015 at 05:23 PM (211 Views)

    I become lucid. I barely remember where I was at the time, but my memory and awareness are both decent. I know I've been in a non-lucid dream for a bit (about 75% of my dreamtime is gone). I do the nose pinch RC and briefly remind myself that this is a world created by my own mind. I'm in a place with grass. It's night time. It kind of reminds me of a farm where alien abductions occur. After moving around for a bit, the dream begins to blur.
    I remember to hold the thought that my dream isn't really fading away, so I manage to retain lucidity, but it's weakened. (I've noticed that these black outs seem to occur when I'm getting excited about a dream goal).

    I remember flying by jumping through a wall, maybe a glass window. My body passes through easily and I'm airborne.

    I'm in a strange place when I remember I want to do door teleportation... the only way I can describe the place is "alien-like", like it's somewhere separate from my normal dreaming realm. I feel like I don't have as much control here, so I want to get out of here. When I teleport, I end up deeper in this weird realm. It is desolate; there is no life in this place, save for me. There is a robotic thing, but I can't really remember the details. I try to teleport again, this time by doing a backflip. I see some sand as I land, so I use that to form a desert area. Soon, I'm falling backwards down a narrow tunnel, a sandstorm raging all around me. I can feel the heat increase as the desert forms around me.

    When I reach the bottom, I find that the tunnel is almost completely submerged in sand. Rather than wading through all of it, I turn back and head up towards where I'd fallen from. Sand was blocking the way, so I take a deep breath and forcefully exhale, wind blasting out of my mouth and clearing away the sand.
    When I get up, I find myself in a research laboratory of sorts. A middle-aged man with a deeper voice greets me, asking me if I need anything. I ask him for help getting out of here. The man tells me that the only way out is down - through the area I'd just appeared from.

    There are a few people here, sitting at desks with computers and monitors. I examine the computer closest to me to see what kind it is. It reminds me of a Windows XP machine.

    As I turn back, I see a "familiar" woman approaching. She had a red wrist band and long, dark purple hair. I realize that I'm viewing myself in third person now. The woman begins talking, and the dream ends.

    - first DILD of the night (10pt)
    - RC / stabilize (1pt)
    - interact with DC (2pt)
    - fly (5pt)
    - ask DC for advice (5pt)
    - teleport (10pt)
    - elemental manipulation (10pt)
    - fully phase through solid object (10pt)
    - personal goal - new [do a standing backflip] (15pt)

    COMP TOTAL: 153

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