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    1. [sensei comp - night 11] nld

      by , 08-29-2015 at 03:51 AM (The X Chronicles)
      - I was in a bathroom, except the bathroom was mostly empty space and didn't have what you'd usually see in one (toilet, bathtub). My little brother was sleeping on the floor, socks littered all around him. I tried maneuvering around, but it was was really messy.

      - I was thinking about the sampler I would be releasing soon. I'd already gotten some "good" clips (one was a C7 double). I was thinking about doing a C9 triple since I'd already gotten dbl down. It was going to be difficult getting clips from now on (for whatever reason); I'd probably only be able to get one per session.

      - I was messaging a girl that felt like Usagi. Her name was Bree (same name as athegirl from my semi-lucid ... hmm ...) and she had a profile picture of a girl with bunny ears. I asked her what the secret behind her ears was, but for no response back. Apparently, she was a spammer.

      - There are three people in a car: a man, and a woman with her child. The car's windows are a bright white, such that I can't see beyond them. Apparently the man and woman are getting married against their will. The man is a bit hesitant; he feels sorry about what's happening. The woman re-assures him that it's fine, and that she wouldn't be able to make it through (something) without his help.

      Haven't had much luck with getting lucid these past couple of weeks. Though, I've managed 3-4 lucids this month already so I'm fine with it.

      - 1 NLD (1pt)
      - WBTB (2pt)

      COMP TOTAL: 85

      by , 08-23-2015 at 11:49 PM (The X Chronicles)
      Dream #1:
      - Something to do with moving rapidly and walking on two feet (like a fish trying to walk upright).
      - I was with mom. She wanted to come over to a female employees home, ostensibly to praise her for her good work. But she just wanted a discount.
      - I was invited to study or something by my friend, DTA. I headed to the lower level of the university library with him and we approach two studying tables. Seated in the further table was DTA's friend, who waved at us as we approached. DTA told me to take a seat, so I sat down on the opposite table.
      - I was playing a game in a room with M. The goal of the game was to match something with a game chip (like a DS cartridge). I remember seeing a Resident Evil 4 cartridge. I also used a CD, which has the soundtrack files for "Eden Eternal V".

      Dream #2:
      - I was observing in omnipresent mode. I was in a room similar to the one in our old house. Sunlight was pouring through closed blinds, giving it an orange glow. A guy was getting out of bed. His girlfriend watched him as he did so.
      - later on, I saw the couple again. The guy's two friends were here, seated at desks in front of them. One of the guy's friends was smiling at the girl. I somehow knew that they were hanging out together without the boyfriend's knowledge. I think the girl was cheating on him.
      - I was around the girl, this time in person. I didn't interact with her but I remember thinking something.
      - I remember watching a video with two of my younger sisters in it.

      - 2 NLD (2pt)
      - 3 DJ comments (1pt)

      COMP TOTAL: 73.5