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    Welcome to my Dream Journal! I'm afraid it's backed up with years of mismatched dream clusters, but if you'll allow me to start anew, much more sense will be made.

    My current goal with lucid dreaming is to embark upon a journey of self-discovery. I seek not just an escape, but a learning and growing experience. I hope you will enjoy following me on this quest.

    Some of my goals include:

    Control over surroundings
    Evidence of shared dreaming
    Improved flying ability (erase "swimming in air" effect)
    Alter appearance/physical form at will
    Familiarity with supposed dream guide
    Convincing out-of-body experience
    Successful wake-induced lucid dream

    I'll be editing and updating this list as I progress. All are welcome to comment and message me about anything, anytime.

    1. Medical Escape

      by , 12-29-2014 at 03:30 PM
      I was in what appeared to be a particularly bland examination room; everything was white or silver, and there was no decor in sight. I was aware that I was there under false pretenses; my brother and father and I had been tricked into a high-security facility that experimented on its involuntary patients. I found the door to be unlocked, and made my way down a maze of identical white hallways littered with medical equipment. Countless doors undoubtedly led to countless more examination rooms, two of which contained my family members, and dozens of white doctors with light-colored hair and long white coats bustled about, ignoring me entirely.

      I managed to find my younger brother in one of the rooms. Despite the labyrinthine layout of the facility, I was able to instinctively move in the right direction. Will and I then searched together for my father, who we found to be looking more than his age, and sickly. He was still able to keep up as we all began our escape.

      We quickly found ourselves in a new section of the building, where the amount of staff around us multiplied and closed doors were replaced by glass looking into large, near-empty rooms, most containing a single table with an unconscious individual lying upon it. Many doctors were observing these rooms, occasionally looking down to scribble notes on a clipboard.

      The increased number of staff combined with the suspicious appearance of our group prompted us to look for disguises. We found a sort of locker room with hangers covering the walls, a few of which held lab coats. We each donned one before continuing onward, but mine had many tiny buttons, and I found myself left behind as I struggled to fasten them. I ran to catch up.

      Time skipped ahead and I found myself in a woodsy area, supposedly the grounds of the facility we were escaping. My family was nowhere in sight, but I assumed them to be safe. I was more concerned with the battle going on around me: many young adults were struggling to fend off otherworldly creatures as they, too, tried desperately to escape. I recall in particular a giant spider - think Aragog - pinning a man to the ground as he cried out for help. Many of these people seemed to know me, and I them, for we called out to each other with updates on the situation. I was told to make a run for it, and ran over a small hill covered with fallen leaves, landing in a shallow ditch. I was confronted by only a small, metal chain fence, easily climbed over. Before I could attempt to do so, however, I found myself awake.
    2. Beach Community

      by , 12-27-2014 at 03:30 PM
      I was talking to some guy I shared a building with about whether to shower before going out that day. In my mind's eye I could see myself, dressed to go out in a brown top, ripped jeans, and boots, topped off with some dangly jewelry, but most importantly I could see my hair, clean and styled into soft, voluminous waves coming down just past my shoulders. I concluded no shower was necessary- clearly I was ready for whatever plans we had.

      I was in an open building with what looked to be bamboo walls. On the first floor, there were no doors, only doorways, and it was quite small. There was a small, unfurnished living area and a short hallway leading to a public ladies' bathroom, with no stalls. Across from the living space was a wooden staircase I assumed lead to the bedrooms of those who lived here, including my own. Through the two doorways leading outside I could see it was a sunny day, and big, bright green leaves hinted at the foliage that undoubtedly surrounded the building. I was aware that a short walk outside would lead me to a beautiful beach with soft white sand.

      A girl was standing near the entrance to the bathroom. She had a heart shaped face and a cheerful demeanor, and though she was wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt and cutoffs, I could see that she had done her makeup and styled her hair into soft little curls. My dream self had some sort of relationship with this girl, and I ran up to embrace her. "Your hair looks beautiful. Who's the cutest thing ever? It's you," is what came out of my mouth when we touched. I like the feeling this gave me - my supposed girlfriend looked so happy, and I think I was too.

      I had to use the dreaded stall-less bathroom. Surprisingly, there were at least a dozen girls in there, some showering, many standing around, and a large number on toilets, all socializing. I joined a line of girls on the toilet and was slightly uncomfortable but almost too amused to care. I then noticed a girl I'd met at my college GSA looking at me. I jokingly said, "Hey! Quit watching me poop, you weirdo," to which she just smiled and walked away.

      When I finished, I wrapped my robe, somehow now my only piece of clothing, around me and started heading upstairs to get ready to go out, even though I had been ready already. The robe wouldn't tie up properly, so I had to hold it with one hand. Having reached the upstairs, I found myself standing on the very crowded beach. I started walking to the right, parallel to the dark waves. Any people I passed didn't seem to notice me. I had to walk under a few rickety old docks and around a good bit of litter. I passed a seagull picking at some trash, and it took great interest in me, my robe in particular. The next thing I knew, it was attacking. I kept swatting and grabbing at it, but only one hand was free, making it very difficult. It was during this excursion that I was woken up.
    3. Narrow Bridge

      by , 05-31-2013 at 03:21 PM
      I was with Hannah in some kind of small stadium full of girls from my school. In the center of the stadium was what seemed like a tiny, treeless island, and the only way to get there was to cross a narrow metal bridge. Hannah and I went over to the island out of curiousity, and many others followed. What we found there was a large group of young children, apparently on a field trip, and a bunch of bushes shaped like Disney characters. We decided that was enough adventure for one day and went back. Almost immediately after we did, the bridge got so crowded that everyone still on the island was stuck. Hannah and I sat and watched as those in charge attempted to sort out the situation.
    4. Anne Marie

      by , 05-30-2013 at 05:19 PM
      I found myself in some sort of underground supermarket. I was with a guy friend, who told me that my mom didn't want me buying my favorite chocolate cereal, which I thought was odd. I browsed the store, eventually finding that they offered a wide selection of video games. I spent alot of time looking them over but did not buy any. When I went to leave, I was alone and had decided not to buy anything at all. Where the cash registers ought to be I found a man-sized alligator sitting on a throne of merchandise. I recognized him as the owner. I told him that I was an inspector and that, in exchange for letting me live, I would always give good reports on his establishment. He agreed, somehow communicating without speaking, and sent me off with a tiny turtle to accompany me.

      I returned to the home I had arranged to stay in, where a single woman with a young son was renting out a spare room. The woman directed me to the bathroom and to my room, then left me alone. The bathroom had a rather large shower, and I left the turtle there. I then went to my room, which was at the end of a long hallway, set apart from the rest of the house. I found the room to be the size of a small cabin, and furnished accordingly, with many windows - a bit too many for my liking. I closed all of the curtains and ventured out onto the attached porch. The porch was huge, and, I realized, suspended high up in an unimaginably large tree. Where the porch ended, a net extended many yards off, and contained the framework of two wrecked schoolbuses. I noticed that the porch screen was torn in one place as if some large animal had broken through, and decided that I ought to go back inside before dusk.


      In this dream I started out as a dog, a great dane. I was in a supermarket looking for a westie named Yasho, my dog irl. I found him in a sort of dog training area with a small group of humans I'd not seen before. I realized they were using Yasho to demonstrate the usage of shock collars in dog training, and I began barking and growling in a useless attempt to stop them. Of course, security was called and I ended up knocked out.

      I found myself in the spacious backyard of a mansion. A large group of people was gathered there for lunch. I was rather popular with the guests, and managed to snag a good bit of their food. After lunch, of few of the attendees retreated to the parlor. I sat outside and listened to their conversation. Apparently someone at the mansion was possessed, and it was almost definitely Anne Marie. I did not know who this person was, but she sounded familiar.

      Back in human form, I found myself hiding under a grounded rowboat with about four other people. One of them I knew to be Anne Marie by the pagan symbol she wore on a necklace. She had dark curly hair and piercing black eyes.

      I was with the same group, in a car. It was night and raining and I was driving, which was far from safe. We stopped in a mall parking lot.

      I'm not sure why we went into the mall, but we did, and I seized the opportunity to break away from the group. Anne Marie had basically corrupted everyone, and so I would need backup if I would be confronting them.

      I wound up at my friend Mary's house. She was there with her dad and grandpa, expecting me. We sat on the deck and evaluated the situation.
    5. Demon Hunting

      by , 05-29-2013 at 06:27 PM
      I was in an airport with a group of people - some friends, some not - and we were all gathered around a map of the world. There was some sort of malignant being or force trapped in South America, and in order to defeat it, we first had to release it. We had set a type of bomb that would create a canal from the ocean to our target, as massive amounts of water would be required in freeing it. The bomb would cause alot of collateral damage, however, so we were all taking flights out to various parts of the world to escape the effects of the upcoming blast. A friend and I were the only two headed for California. We all purchased our tickets and then sat together as we waited for our flights.


      I was in a small town with some family members. There were alot of bikers in the town, passing through. I was there because I had heard rumors of supernatural activity in the area. I went to a diner with my dad and found out from some locals that I shouldn't've brought my family. Things had gotten so bad that one of them would surely be dead within a day.

      The town was full of strange-looking animals that were behaving erratically. They were small but violent, and there was one in particular that looked like a cross between a ferrett and a porcupine with razorblades for spines.

      In a dark and strange location that seemed almost like an outdoor fun house, I met a little girl as I was setting up a demon trap. She told me I was going to hell, for some reason, and I felt the need to explain to her that demons were real and that there was one nearby. At some point she left and I found myself talking to a tall man with dark hair. He seemed off somehow, and he asked me what I knew about demons. I told him I knew they were real because I had seen an exorcism before. In truth, I had performed many exorcisms myself, but I didn't want him to know that. I realized quickly that this man was possessed by the demon that was causing deaths and disappearances in town.


      My dad and I met a woman in a swamp who was selling icecream. The icecream she sold came from a bucket that contained any flavor imaginable. I was permitted to look into the bucket, and saw that it contained layer upon layer of icecream, seemingly going on forever.
    6. Dusty

      by , 02-25-2013 at 12:45 AM
      I forgot to feed my hamster.
      Actually, I forgot all about my hamster. I hadn't fed her or even seen her in days, apparently. I suddenly remembered her and went into my dad's office to look for her. I called her, and she started squeaking, so I used the sound to find her. She was in a drawer, and seemed very hungry. I quickly put together a bunch of dry food and vegetables and gave it to her.

      I had a hamster a few years ago named Dustbunny. When she died, I blamed myself, thinking I'd not fed her enough.
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    7. Magic, It Happens

      by , 02-23-2013 at 05:13 PM
      We were at a place that resembled Hot Topic, but it wasn't a store, it was the home of a race, a race that horded mainly magical objects. I was there with Kyle and another boy, perhaps Tristan or Linkster, and some others may have been with us at some point.
      The "people" living there, though human in appearance, were certainly something else, something alien. They started out as hospitable as could be, but quickly proved to be manipulative and devious. They would not let us leave.
      We had to fight our way out, or rather, I did. Kyle and friend made it outside and I then proceeded to make several trips back to retrieve our belongings as well as some others that looked useful. Kyle had a huge pile of what appeared to be trading cards which the race's leader had taken, presumably because of their magical properties, and the stupid things took me two trips to save. Kyle was relieved to see them, but he was being too useless for me to care.


      A child needed to be created. In a bathtub was a clear liquid in which he would be born. Next to it were two loofahs, one of which contained the DNA of the parents, and one of which contained unknown DNA. I placed both into the tub, but nothig happened. A young man who was with me stepped into the tub. I knew him, but I don't believe I've ever seen him before in my life. He knew, apparently, how this worked, and had Will step into the tub with him. I closed the curtain, because often in dreams what keeps things from working is that I'm staring at them. A few seconds later though, Will told me to open the curtain, that I had to see it. I did, and before my eyes a child of about four was growing out of nowhere. It was amazing to watch. Another few moments of this and it was finished. A strong little blonde boy stood there in the tub. The young man said that he was made from four different people's DNA, but that he was to be my brother.


      I can fly. I can always fly. It's my favorite thing to do. In a field with my friends I was demonstrating my skill, and trying to teach them.
    8. Curse of the Shadows

      by , 05-13-2011 at 02:59 AM
      5/12/11 - Curse of the Shadows
      Dream Non-Dream Lucid

      I was at my house, but in a more woodsy setting, with tall trees all around and a single dirt road cutting through them. It was past nightfall, and I was with my cousin and two little girls that we were supposed to be babysitting. The dream became sort of like a horror movie; there was something that we could not see inside of the house with us, and it was going to kill us one by one until there was only one girl left, to whom it'd pass on a curse. Everything happened quickly. Before I knew it, everyone in the house had seemingly disappeared, leaving me alone with something unseen. I panicked, and ran outside. I saw a man standing across the road, and sprinted towards him. As I was doing so, I could see the sun beginning to rise in the distance, and the man smiling victoriously. Suddenly I realized what was happening, and tried desperately to run past him so that the sunlight might hit me first. Too late, rays of light passed over him as he turned and started walking away. The light was coming towards me now, and as it did I could feel it pushing me back, almost burning me. I ran back towards the house to find shade, and ended up huddled in an odd dent in the roof. Apparently, the man had been invisible and unable to go into direct sunlight for many years, and had finally freed himself of his curse by passing it on to me.
      When my parents arrived home, they freaked out because they could not find me. It seems we all forgot about the other missing people, myself included. I ended up yelling down to my mom until she came outside and I was able to explain what'd happened. She was angry, saying it was my fault and she should've expected it to happen, wondering what she was supposed to do with an invisible daughter. She also suggested me stepping into the light, which I refused immediately because I knew it would harm me. My mom then basically left me on the roof.
      I then found myself in a large, mansion-like house with my cousin(yes, the same one from earlier) and many of her friends. They thought my curse was "cool" and we basically just talked for awhile.
      Later on I was with Hannah in a car, her driving and me in the passenger seat. We were talking about the curse and how it was weird that she could see me while no one else could. I told her that if she wanted to know what it was like, I could pass the curse to her the next morning and we could trade off again a day later. She agreed, and as she was driving in silence the thought of leaving her with the curse occurred to me momentarily, but I knew I could never do something like that to a friend and dismissed the idea.
      When we reached her house, I scooted over to the driver's seat after Hannah got out of the car, and remembered that Hannah had no licence and I didn't even know how to drive.

      I recall nothing after this.
    9. One Door Closes, Another Opens

      by , 05-12-2011 at 03:47 AM
      5/11/11 - One Door Closes, Another Opens
      Dream Non-dream Lucid

      I don't remember much from this dream, but it's a start.

      There were many worlds, almost like in Kingdom Hearts, connected in a circle by large doors that only a select few people could percieve and even less could open. There was some sort of interdimensional war going on, and I was a part of it due to my ability to open and close the doors. I was stationed in one of those worlds, which was like a large, independent town surrounded by a huge wall that served as the world's barrier. I recieved a call on my handheld radio, and through the static I could hear people yelling about attack and dragons. Under attack by dragons? I wasn't too worried, but wished I could be of some help.
      I met a man named Ronald who vaguely resembled the McDonald's clown, but seemed mostly normal. He, along with several others, wished to travel to the next world over in order to escape the effects of the war. I led his group to a place where the town's main road ended at what should appear as a blank wall, but to me was instead a large door. I reached out and pushed it open, which was slightly difficult since it was heavy. Outside, a snowstorm was raging over the barren land between worlds. I pointed out an open door several feet ahead, and the group stumbled out through the blizzard to reach it. As they safely reached the next world, I could see that there was a change in them. It seemed as if all the personality and emotion had been sucked out of them; even the colors of their clothes became dull. That's when I realized it was time to close that door for good, and shut the unfortunate souls away behind it. Now alone in the first world, I walked down the road to a spot where I had left my Jeep and a tent I'd set up. A few people were there waiting for me, and said they had been seperated from their home worlds. I said I'd help them, so we all got in the Jeep, me in the driver's seat and the three of them in the back. Just then, Draco Malfoy hopped in the passenger seat. He gave me an update on our troops' status, and mentioned that they had trained some dragons for battle. So that's what the radio call had been for. He also said that we should be relocated soon since the world we were in wouldn't exist much longer.

      Yeah, I don't remember anything else.
    10. Highschool Prostitution

      by , 01-25-2011 at 04:09 AM
      1/24/11 - Highschool Prostitution
      Dream Non-dream Lucid

      I was at some weird fairgrounds-like place, with abandoned circus tents all around. There were no lights except for where I was standing; I was next to a small red-and-white tent, and there were lights strung across posts above it. A peculiar, obese old woman with extravagant clothing approached me. I can't quite recall what we discussed, but for some reason it became clear to me that this was not somewhere I wanted to stay. The woman informed me that a spell would keep me trapped within the tent I mentioned for exactly one hour, and that I would find an old acquaintance there. She opened a flap in the tent, and I walked inside against my will. The flap closed behind me, and I examined my surroundings. It really was quite a small space. There was a queen sized bed in the corner, and discarded clothes covering almost half the floor, resulting in hardly any space to walk around. What I was more concerned with, however, was the boy standing in front of me, wearing nothing but a pair of oversized boxers. I recognized him immediately as a boy - no, now a man - whom I'd gone to school with until halfway through seventh grade. He took a couple of steps towards me, but stopped when I said his name aloud. He suddenly seemed to recognize me. I asked him what he was doing here, and what was going on. He said he'd dropped out of highschool and was living here, as a male prostitute, to get by. According to his words, the old woman's entrapment spell would not wear off until he and I'd had sex. I glared at him as I thought it over. My dream self, being in my early 20's(and therefore what I consider "old enough"), reluctantly decided to go along with it, so long as he agreed to abandon his current lifestyle afterwards. We then spoke little else, because the two of us started making out. He started to unbutton my shirt and I ended up awake in my own bed.
    11. When in Rome

      by , 01-20-2011 at 12:28 PM
      1/20/11 - When in Rome

      Dream Non-dream Lucid

      I was in a really big room with everyone from my MILD class. I was talking to a couple of the guys, and one of them said, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." I think he was on rollerblades.
    12. Window Insults (fragments)

      by , 01-19-2011 at 09:48 PM
      1/19/11 - Window Insults

      Dream Non-dream Lucid

      I remember being in a room with someone named either Alex or Sebastian, and hearing people yelling insults at them through a window.

      There was also a long bit where I was just reading a thread on DV.

      I really hope I can remember more tomorrow; my alarm clock has messed me up the past two days. Darn school.
    13. Quarter Pieces

      by , 01-17-2011 at 09:04 PM
      1/17/11 - Quarter Pieces
      Dream Non-dream Lucid

      I was with my dad at a little bookstore, somewhere downtown. I was looking around in the manga section. I didn't see anything really interesting, so I wandered around the store until I found a room seperate from the rest of the store. I went inside, and found shelves filled with books from a single manga series. I was amazed; there was only one copy of each volume, and yet there were enough to fill all the shelves. I loved the way the covers looked; each had a sparkly design on the front that glittered even in the store's dim lighting. I started reading them, and was about halfway through the seventh book when my dad found me. He said we had to leave, so I left with him, reluctantly.

      I found myself in an abandoned building, with a single floor, holes where doors and windows should be, and graffiti covering the walls. Two boys walked in, one about my age, and one about ten, both with dark, shaggy hair. I hid myself from them, and my view of the room was switched to third person. The older boy was looking at some of the graffiti. I noticed one in particular - it said "iJustine" in big letters. The boy also noticed it, because the paint used to write it was dripping down the wall. It was still wet. Suddenly, I was seeing in first person again, and Justine and I jumped out from our hiding places. (I hadn't noticed before, but Justine was also hiding in the building.) The two boys were shocked. We started beating the crap out of them, especially the younger one. Afterwards I felt bad, so I asked them how I could make it up to them. The older boy asked for "two quarter pieces," so I reached into my pocket and pulled out a wad of money. I had ten bucks and a bunch of quarters, so I gave them one quarter and Justine gave them another. The two boys then ran off with what we'd given them.
      I realized that, because I had $10, I could go back to that bookstore and buy a couple volumes of the manga that I liked. I ran out of the building and down the street, suddenly finding myself in a different scene. I was in the sparkly manga room in the bookstore, picking out which ones I wanted. My dad came in again. He told me that we were late for something and that I'd have to buy the books some other time. We both left.

      Hannah was with me then, and we were sitting on some rocks by the ocean. It was just past sunset, and a bunch of other teens were with us, but I don't think I knew any of them. We decided to go swimming, so we all jumped into the water fully clothed. It was a little cold, and the current was strong. A boat passed by, and a big wave rushed over us. I found myself being pulled under, and I thought that Hannah was on top of me. I struggled to swim to the surface, and in doing so found that it wasn't Hannah pulling me down; I was tangled up in something, probably seaweed. When I finally freed myself and swam to the surface, I found myself looking up at an old Inuit woman. The current had somehow carried me far away, under ice, and into this woman's igloo. The hole in the floor that I was looking at her through was supposedly used for ice fishing. I scrambled out of the water and onto the floor, and collapsed, panting and shivering. I think I blacked out. From what I could figure out, the old woman used magic to heal me, but it also caused me to change into a white leopard, and though I could change back and forth at will, it would always be a part of me.

      The scene shifted to what I think is a week later. I was staying with the Inuit woman. The view was third person.
      Remember the dark-haired boys from earlier? The older one had, apparently, been injured on the ice and abandoned. The old woman had found him and brought him back to her igloo. He was unconscious, and the woman was using some healing spells on him. It must have been similar to the ones used on me, because he kept shifting forms, from human to wolf and vice versa. When she finished, he was human, and seemed to be asleep. She put a blanket over him, and left the house to gather food or something.
      The boy soon woke up. He seemed really confused. He got up and looked around. He noticed a leopard's tail(mine) flicking back and forth, sticking out from under a blanket on a cot by the wall. He crept over to it slowly. I switched back to first person, and rolled over on the cot. The boy froze. I stretched and climbed onto the floor in front of him. He looked as though he might try and attack me. He also looked... really hot. I could see the wolf in his eyes.
      I stood on my back paws, and transformed into my human self. "It's just me," I told him. He looked really shocked, and a little nervous too - probably because of how I kicked his ass before. I tried to make it clear that I liked him now and wasn't going to hurt him.
      I woke up then. Darn, he was so hot too...
    14. Realization

      by , 01-16-2011 at 05:28 PM
      1/16/11 - Realization
      Dream Non-dream Lucid

      I had to babysit two of my cousins last night, and my aunt and uncle didn't come home until about midnight. My uncle drove me home even though it was late, but I've had to sleep over before because of how late they can be. Enter dream scenario.

      I was at my uncle's house, and he had just returned home. He told me it was 3 am, and that he'd have to take me home in the morning. I was a little confused. I remembered being in the car with him earlier, and wondered why he couldn't have taken me home then. Suddenly I realized that he already had taken me home, and that I was in my own bed, asleep. I basically spazzed out. I ran downstairs, and outside. It felt a little cold, because I'd been expecting it to be, but it really wasn't much different than the temperature inside. I knew for sure then that I was dreaming. I guess I was still a little shocked, because I woke up immediately.

      I wish I'd remembered a lucid task or something! Maybe tonight...?
    15. Walking in the Dark

      by , 01-15-2011 at 04:29 PM
      1/15/11 - Walking in the Dark
      Dream Non-dream Lucid

      I was on my front porch, standing under the little light in the ceiling, talking to someone. I told them to stop talking, that I needed to examine the dream some more. I looked around and stepped outside. It was pitch dark out. I walked further and still could see no light, all I knew was that I felt concrete beneath my feet. I held onto that feeling.
      I looked up, and could barely make out the outline of the moon. I decided that it should be daytime, and willed the sun to rise. An orb of light rose up into the sky, but it faded away quickly. I tried saying it aloud, "Sun, rise." Nothing happened. I turned around and looked back at my house. All I could see was the small glow coming from the front porch. I walked in that direction...
      and I don't know what happened after that.

      I remember being in a classroom, with a bunch of kids from my old school. I was with Mary and Hannah, as usual, and we were talking about something. Just when class was about to be let out, there was a loud booming sound. Rain was pummeling down outside, and lots of water was blowing in through the open windows. Everyone crowded together on the floor, in the middle of the room, as the booming continued and be could see sparks of electricity right next to the windows. It was a really bad lightning storm. After several minutes of sitting there and witnessing the storm, it died down, and the thunder and lightning stopped. The teacher told us we could leave. I was pissed because the book I'd been reading was soaked. Then I woke up. I wish I'd remembered the task of the month!
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