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    Hopeless Wanderings

    Exploding a Little Girl's Head LD, Killer, Crash, Gymnast in the Air

    by , 08-18-2010 at 05:16 PM (1044 Views)
    regular/lucid dreams: 8-18-10

    Exploding a Little Girl's Head LD(My first DEILD)

    I was starting to wake up, and that's when I realized I was lucid. I decided to look down at my hands just for the heck of it, and I had more fingers than I normally would(unlike in my last lucid, which I had less fngers). Everything seemed really clear and life-like, so I was scared that I would wake myself up but I think I'm getting better at controlling that, because I became very stable. I was in my house again, and decided to go outside and experiment and have some fun. As I was walking out across my lawn, I would jump in the air and see how high I could float. One of those times I decided to jump and then flap my arms and "swim" up and see how far I could go. I got to be about 4 or 5 stories up I think when I started heading back down. I'm not too good with flying yet. So then I saw these two sisters walking down the sidewalk, the older one(8? years old) pushing the younger one(around 4) in a stroller. I don't know why, but I wanted to make the younger one's head explode, just for a quick experiment before I went on to do something else. I focused on her head and imagined it exploding. I did this for awhile, and nothing happened except the little one started crying and the older one got really mad at me. I must have lost lucidity after this because I don't remember anything else.


    I don't remember the first part of this too clearly, so these are just some details. I was at my house with some older people, I don't rememer who, when some woman turned evil and wanted to kill me. She said that I "had to die." I ran to my dad's room and went on his bed and had an explosive in my hand that you would light up and the flame would go down the string uptil it reached the bomb part. When she came in, I tried to throw it at her but missed, then somehow got into the garage and tried again, but missed again and this time set the garage on fire. I had to get out of there, but she stood in the way of the door. I somehow managed to get out and on the roof. I saw an elderly couple walking towards the house as if nothing had happened, so I jumped off the roof down to them and kept screaming "CALL 911! CALL 911 NOW!!" but they kept saying "What??" like they couldn't hear me. I even screaming their ears but they still couldn't hear me! Then I ran to the bushes behind my house to hide and called 911 myself.

    Then I met this other girl in the bushes who was wearing this huge puffy pink dress. I called her by what I thought was her name, but later found out that she changes her name 4 times a year, depending on the season. Anyways, we ran into the neighborhoods behind my house and it was around midnight or so. Every once in awhile, I would jump up really high in the air and go above the trees and houses just for the fun of it. At one time, one of my neighbors came out of her house and complained, but not at us. Apparently her car? or something was making noises and keeping her awake.

    I don't remember what happened after this, but eventually I was back at my house and the next day, the cop finally showed up. He was cautiously going into the bushes, where I told him I was hiding. I went outside to tell him that I was fine and he was super late but couldn't find him.


    Me and Ali were planning on going on a road trip to this really pretty island thing in the middle of Colorado(which was only like 1 or 2 state away when I looked at the map, but in reality its more than that). She said she could get us free plane tickets(we took the car anyway, so what's the point?). So I told my parents and they said it was okay. We were going to take my sister's car and we were going to take my parents with us and drop them off somewhere on the way to Colorado. On the way to pick up Ali, my dad went the wrong way and went to my other friend's house instead(I don't know why, because its super easy to get to Ali's house, it's close by mine). I told him to turn right at the next stop sign but he turned left, and we went into this section where there were snow covered hills that looked like mountains and the road was really curvy and went up and down. It was like a smaller version of the roads you would see in Colorado, and I thought it was really cool. Anyway, we eventually finally somehow got my friend in the car, and started driving to CO. The roads were really dangerous now. They were up really high in the sky, and there were tons of cut-offs that you could take and go the wrong way on accident, really sharp turns, and all the cars were going like 100mph. Ali was driving and I was nervous for her because, well, the roads were terrible! We were approaching a tight curve when two cars in front of us crashed into each other. Time seemed to stop, and everything was going really really slowly. The cars were just in front of us now, and it seemed like there was no way to get around. Then my mom told us to back up, so somehow I helped as we slowly backed up as everything around us was frozen. This way, the cars could go off the side of the road(there weren't any walls in this section, which was weird because why wouldn't there be walls on the CURVED section??) and fall back to Earth.. and die. So we did just that and it looked like we were going to be safe..
    but then I woke up.

    Gymnast in the Air

    I was walking over this tall bridge/road thing when I saw an outdoor gymnasium. I looked down and saw some people down there practicing gymnastics. There was a billboard right by the bridge, and some girls from my school were on it, practicing(more like showing off) gymnastics on it with no safety ropes or anything. I don't know why, but I decided to go onto the billboard with them just to check it out. I somehow managed to get on it and saw more girls from my school doing gymnastics. One girl laid a balance beam(a floor one) down in mid air and started walking across it. I was really scared that she was going to fall off it, and I think I actually had to catch her and all the other girls at one point. They were hanging onto strings below me and I was holding them. It was really heavy but I had to hold on until I made it back to the bridge. I got back safely, but I think one of the girls died.

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    1. Aubrey's Avatar
      why would u wanna explode her head? thats mean...
    2. ElsiaStar's Avatar
      I honestly have no idea.. I guess I just wanted to do it for an experiment... lol. oh well, atleast shes not real.
    3. J.D.'s Avatar
      Haha that's fully evil!