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    Horrific Car Crash

    by , 11-16-2010 at 03:46 AM (740 Views)
    regular dream: 11-15-10

    I had another interesting dream so I decided to post it. Usually I'm too lazy but lately I've been having all kinds of fun(well... maybe not fun.. but.. interesting) dreams

    I woke up this morning with the most random thought in my head. It went like this: "Mother's cry for elephant's selection." It had absolutely nothing to do with any of my dreams.. so I have no idear(sorry, lately I've been wanting to use the word 'idear' instead of 'idea' just because it sounds cool) where it came from! So random..

    Anyways.. so here's the dream I had last night...

    Me, my sister, and a friend had just gotten back from somewhere but I was hungry and wanted to go get something from Taco Bell. My sister said I could go but I had to take her car for some reason and I had to drive. So off we went to taco bell.. well actually I barely made it out of the driveway. It wasn't the driveway at my house, just some random place in the middle of nowhere. I accidentally put the car in reverse and I tried to stop it but it wouldn't stop so I had to steer it backwards down the road. We got on a really busy road and I kept dodging cars, going backwards in the right lane while other cars were rushing forwards. I tried over and over again to bring the car to a stop so I could put it in drive but everytime I pressed the brake, the car would take too long to slow down and I was afraid of backing up traffic. I thought it would be a good idear(lol sorry I had to use that word again) to steer over to the other lane(left lane) so that I would be going the same direction as the other cars. So I got into that lane, and all of a sudden the cars were coming right at me.. or from behind me.. or somewhere! and CRASH! I remember going to the side and getting out of the car only to look back and see what I had done. Not only had my car crashed, but tons of other cars had also collided because of me! I was well out of the way when more cars kept crashing into one another and a school bus also crashed. I saw an explosion, there were smoking cars everywhere, and people were dying. Pretty much everyone died in that car wreck except me and whoever else was in my car. I felt terrible.

    (here comes the random part)

    Then, the scene kept replaying in my head. I watched cars crash over and over again, but each time it happened, there were less and less cars until eventually there was only a few people, who transformed into the cast of Harry Potter and then transported to someone's living room. They were standing by these black couches feeling all ashamed because they were involved with the car wreck but someone said "It's okay, you guys are clear," so they started cheering.. but then 1 second later they all had red gun laser pointers pointed right at each of their chests. They got freaked out. I woke up. Yea........

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