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    Memorable Dreams

    1. I Died and Met Jesus

      by , 01-15-2015 at 08:26 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Me, my parents, and one of my friends where in a car driving to ABR(a cross-country ski place). The road was snowy had really steep hills. One of the hills was so steep that our civic could barely get up it without slipping backwards down. When we reached the top, the car lost control and we went off the side. We were a lot higher up than I thought, the drop was abut the height of the tallest building on earth. My parents somehow separated from us during the fall and landed safely, but me and my friend kept falling. I was so scared that I closed my eyes. When I opened them, I was standing in a winter wonderland outside of a small house. That's when I met Jesus. He had a kind face and looked just like you think he'd look except his hair was a bit lighter and shorter. Unfortunately, I don't remember what he said to me(and I don't think it was that important), but he was really nice. I figured out that the place we were in wasn't Heaven, but a type of limbo that we would stay with Jesus in for awhile before making our way to Heaven. I wondered if he was going to tell us stories of his adventures on earth, or what we would do with all this time. I did not want to be there. I had other things to do on earth. Me and my friend sat by the stream, and cried, and cried.. until my tears filled up and the stream became a river, and soon big waves came.. My friend was unharmed by the waves, but they washed over me and carried me away. To where, I do not remember.
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    2. Saved by a Kind Stranger

      by , 08-16-2014 at 03:16 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I waited for the light to turn green and then started walking across the intersection. Cars were passing me going straight, but out of no where a car came from the other side of the intersection that had the red light and it ran right through the light and hit me. I was laying on the ground and a male cop came up to me. I was bleeding out on the street. Instead of waiting for an ambulance to come, he put me in his car and started racing towards the hospital. He kept talking to me to keep me calm and asked me questions. As we got closer to the hospital, I was fading. He asked me what 7 times 3 was to make sure I was still fully conscious. I was confused and answered 24. He was very worried about me and he kept telling me to hold on. He then held my hand the rest of the way there. When we got to the hospital, he carried me and rushed me to the emergency room where the nurses took me away. As I was being treated, the dream was focused on him instead of me. He was in the waiting room talking with other people and worrying about me. A nurse finally came and told him that I would be okay. I just couldn't get over how kind and caring he was towards me, how he held my hand and talked calmly to me. He was a complete stranger yet he cared so much about me.
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    3. whywontthisletmedelete

      by , 07-24-2014 at 10:22 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)

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    4. Batman Killer In My Dreams

      by , 08-10-2012 at 05:27 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      So, I only really post on my DJ when I have a dream that really sticks with me that I want to remember, and this was one of them. I think it came from watching the news about the guy who walked into a theater during The Dark Knight Rises and started shooting everyone. My dream is sort of based on that, so it's a bit disturbing.

      I was at my local park with Niki and we were just hanging out. The sun had just set and it was getting darker out. There was a movie theater there at the park, Showtime Cinema. Of course it didn't occur to me that this theater is not located in the park obviously, but just a few minutes down the road. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so I just went to check out the theater, perhaps to see what was playing(which I think was Dark Knight Rises, but I don't remember for sure). Instead of the whole movie theater being there, it was just one screening room. I sneaked in through one of the emergency exits, which wasn't locked for some reason. The theater was packed with people, and I looked around and saw a guy with a gun. Shots were fired, so I ran back out before the shooter could notice me and dialed 911. The lady on the other line seemed familiar, like I'd called 911 a few times already and had heard her voice before. She seemed very chill and relaxed. "911 what's your emergency?" she asked in a very monotonous tone. "There's a guy shooting people at Showtime Cinema! People have been killed, please send someone over." I said. "Someone will be right there," she replied, not a hint of worry or tension in her voice. I thought she would want more information, but she didn't say anything else so I just said "thank you" and she said "you're welcome. bye" like it was a normal everyday phone conversation. I waited outside awhile and it seemed to be taking the police forever to show up. Then, the theater doors burst open and people came running out. I thought it was finally over, until I saw the shooter come running out after them, shooting every person he could. There was blood and screaming; it was a terrible and frightening scene. He shot and killed one of my friends, Dani, and then came towards me. He took a shot at me and missed but I fell to the ground and pretended to be dead so that he wouldn't keep shooting. When I looked at him again I noticed that he was so angry and raging that he didn't notice he'd run out of bullets and was now just shooting blanks. So I stood up to him. I don't exactly what happened, but whatever I did worked and the cops came and everything was secured. The next thing I remember was reflecting on what had just happened. I vividly recalled all the blood, the screaming, the chaos, the dying, and it traumatized me. I cried and cried throughout the day and the next day. I kept having flashbacks and it was just awful. Then I realized that this was probably just a dream, so I talked to my mom and she showed me a newspaper article headlining the terrible event. There was some kind of picture that was blurry and I don't remember, and then somewhere in the writing they mentioned that I was a hero. I was too distraught to even think about being a hero though. 36, that number kept following me around. I could physically see that number, floating in the air around me. 36 people dead. So much death. I cried again, the pain was so real, the emotions so intense. Then I woke up for real and breathed a sigh of relief when I could finally know for sure that it was just a dream.
    5. A Beautiful Tragedy, Dorm Livin, Hotel Danger

      by , 11-06-2011 at 08:43 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      This night was very vivid and full of intense dreams. Unfortunately I don't have the best dream recall right now so I can't remember all the details, just some of the main stuff. I would have liked to remember more of the first dream because it was so overwhelming but since it was the first dream it faded from my memory over the night.

      A Beautiful Tragedy
      One of my old friends had died(by suicide, I think?) and it was my fault. Although I haven't spoken to her in awhile I still cared a lot about her and I had done something to cause her death. I was a complete mess, crying and crying nonstop for what seemed like forever. I didn't want to live with myself because of what I had done. It was just awful, and the pain felt so real. I don't think I've ever felt so.. broken(then again no one close to me has ever died in RL). I went to my room and curled up on my bed and just weeped and weeped and it was just such a real, heavy feeling. My mom came into my room and she just held me and comforted me as I continued crying. It was almost like.. a beautiful tragedy. When I felt myself waking up from this, I was actually sad that it was a dream. I wanted to go back to that place, back to that feeling. I don't know why.. but it was just so beautiful.

      Dorm Livin
      I was in a lake or a river with some people and swimming when someone came up to me and said something like, "It's your turn," and started shoving me under the water, not allowing me to come up. I didn't think they were trying to kill me because they had done this with some other people and they were fine, but after awhile of intense struggling more people came to help him push me down under the water and I just gave up. I thought if I stopped moving they would let go. My eyes were closed, and I took a breath of air through my nose, as if it were sticking up from the surface, allowing me to breathe. Then I "woke up" and I was at the end of the hallway of the dorms where the door is, opening it to let someone in. She was someone who had gone to my high school but was now at my same college. I found it odd that I had appeared here and not awake in my bed, so I said "I think I was sleeping up until this point because I just woke up now and here I am.. I don't know how I got here." She didn't seem to believe me. Then me and two new people who I had just met there(not in RL) started painting some picture on white boards. One of the girls looked at me suspiciously, then threw some paint at me, starting a paint fight. I thought it would be cool to have a shirt made of paint splatters so we took turns hand-printing each others shirts.

      Hotel Danger
      Me, my parents and my sis were in a hotel in Chicago and we wanted to get back to our rooms. We had to go in this elevator, which really freaked me out because it didn't look right and when I tried to get in the doors almost closed on me. Inside the elevator I was shaking and actually crying with fear, as everyone else just stood there normally. The elevator seemed to drop 100 floors and then finally came to a stop at the lobby. I got off right when the doors opened but my sis and mom stayed on because they wanted to go to their floor were our room was. I refused to go back on that thing, so my dad came out and accompanied me. We were going to take the escalators back up instead, but the escalators were huge, like 10 times wider and larger than they should be. The first two escalators were out of service and my dad didn't know that so he tried to go on one and a lady dressed like a hooker said "Sir you can't go on this escalator" so he went on the next one and she followed him and said he couldn't go on that one either, till finally he was able to get on the only working one. I tried to get on it but it was already going up and I couldn't lift my body over the side of it. It was like a giant raft, and the whole thing moved up and down. Then it started bouncing up and down like a trampoline and people were having a party on it. I saw my friend Dani fall off the side of it and wanted to go see if she was okay, but them a HUGE wave appeared. It was the size of the building, which was like 8 stories high. I freaked out and ran to the wave pool that just happened to be there, the wave following behind me, and I went to the deep end of the wave pool and faced the wall. I took a deep breath and went under, hoping this would help take the impact. The wave crashed over me smoothly as I heard people around talking about how huge and awesome the wave was. Then I took a breath and realized I could breathe underwater, then woke up.
    6. My Very First Nightmare/My Worst Nightmare

      by , 08-14-2010 at 05:44 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      So I just felt like posting two nightmares of mine from when I was little. The first one is from when I was in preschool and it actually funny now to think that I was scared in the dream. The second one still haunts me, it was the most frightening dream I have ever experienced. It took place sometime when I was in elementary school.

      First Nightmare: Lost in the Tubes
      I was on a field trip with some people and teachers from my preschool. We went to a place with a huge play area with tubes and slides and things like that for kids to explore. I went to explore the tube but then I got lost. I couldn't find my way out and I remember there was a fake spider with a spider web covering one of the peek holes that I kept seeing. I went to a peek hole(maybe the spider one, I don't remember) and started crying because I was lost. One of the teachers saw me and had to come get me out. At the time, it was terrifying to me.

      Worst Nightmare: Sinking Into the Graves
      I was on my school playground and it was night time. There were two sides of the playgroud, one was on the side by the school and then the other one was way on a different side. To get there, you had to cross a large area of concrete that had areas where kids would play Four Square and soccer and stuff like that. It was set up just like in real life. The concrete area suddenly turned into a graveyard. There were outlines of grave holes and if you stepped on one of them, you would sink into the ground and be stuck there forever. I had to literally hug the wall and try to get across the concrete to prevent from stepping on one of them. At one point, I accidentally did step on one and it started sinking into the ground. I think I woke up..

      Note: I think this might have contributed to the fact that I am terrified of being buried alive. Not quiet sure, but you never know.
    7. ElsiaStar's Dream Journal

      by , 06-09-2010 at 11:51 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Quote Originally Posted by ElsiaStar View Post
      My second LD: 12-19-08

      OK so it was a school day and a friday. I woke up at 5:30am and immediatly turned on the news channel to see if they closed my school because it was a blizzard outside. And of course we did. Snow day!! Anyways, I went back to sleep and tried a WILD. It worked right away. I appeared in this creepy place with dark trees and I looked down at my hands and they looked odd so I knew I must be dreaming. Then I transported myself to the high school pool for some reason and I started drowning.. thats all I remember.

      It was a very short LD and very random, but better than nothing.
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    8. ElsiaStar's Dream Journal

      by , 06-09-2010 at 11:46 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Quote Originally Posted by ElsiaStar View Post
      I already posted this one somewheres... but I'm adding it to my dream journal.

      First Memorable LD: 8-20-08

      okey so heres how it went:

      i woke up at 10am one morning an decided to try to LD. I really didnt think it would work though. My mind just kinda imagined a room and all of a sudden I was in it! It only took like 1 min. to get into an LD!

      So anyway, I appeared in this store, I think it was a bookstore or something. I started getting too excited and I started loosing it, so I tried dream spinning and it worked! Then I went outside and jumped 10ft in the air. then I decided to try to walk through a wall so I walked through a door!! I was like "whoa, this is so cool! i wonder if i can meet Criss Angel (a magician who is my hero and ive wanted to meet him FOREVER.) and i thought of him and he appeared!!! I hugged him and asked for his autograph but then some loud sounds woke me up, my mom.

      but it was the best ever!! I hope i can meet Criss again in another LD sometime. I'll keep workin on it!!
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