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    My Very First Nightmare/My Worst Nightmare

    by , 08-14-2010 at 05:44 AM (592 Views)
    So I just felt like posting two nightmares of mine from when I was little. The first one is from when I was in preschool and it actually funny now to think that I was scared in the dream. The second one still haunts me, it was the most frightening dream I have ever experienced. It took place sometime when I was in elementary school.

    First Nightmare: Lost in the Tubes
    I was on a field trip with some people and teachers from my preschool. We went to a place with a huge play area with tubes and slides and things like that for kids to explore. I went to explore the tube but then I got lost. I couldn't find my way out and I remember there was a fake spider with a spider web covering one of the peek holes that I kept seeing. I went to a peek hole(maybe the spider one, I don't remember) and started crying because I was lost. One of the teachers saw me and had to come get me out. At the time, it was terrifying to me.

    Worst Nightmare: Sinking Into the Graves
    I was on my school playground and it was night time. There were two sides of the playgroud, one was on the side by the school and then the other one was way on a different side. To get there, you had to cross a large area of concrete that had areas where kids would play Four Square and soccer and stuff like that. It was set up just like in real life. The concrete area suddenly turned into a graveyard. There were outlines of grave holes and if you stepped on one of them, you would sink into the ground and be stuck there forever. I had to literally hug the wall and try to get across the concrete to prevent from stepping on one of them. At one point, I accidentally did step on one and it started sinking into the ground. I think I woke up..

    Note: I think this might have contributed to the fact that I am terrified of being buried alive. Not quiet sure, but you never know.

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