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    1. Silent Hill Nightmare

      by , 01-07-2015 at 06:45 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I haven't had a nightmare in a loooooong time.
      I watched Silent Hill for the first time yesterday...

      I was watching a movie with my parents and some other people. The movie was so horrifying that I had to close my eyes at parts. For example, in one part, there was a mother who lost her child and screams of terror came out of her. There was blood running down a path, the blood from her daughter, and it turned into dark ashes. At another point in the movie, it was like a war scene from Lord of the Rings. After the movie, some people laid down on the ground and the director of the movie asked who wanted their legs sawed off. It was apparently just for show and not real. A guy volunteered. He was overweight, had brown curly hair, and wore dark clothes. The director got a saw and started sawing through his leg. It looked pretty real to me. We were forced to watch this movie twice, and the second time, it became real...

      I was with Niki and was popping popcorn. A black guy and some other guys came up to us. The black guy asked me if I wanted to "hang out" with him and of course I was hesitant so I said no, but for some reason eventually agreed. We started walking away and then he told me what we had to do. We had to sneak up on these guys and kill them before they would kill us. We were in a huge clothing warehouse and the guys were sitting on a window ledge. They saw us and came towards us. There was lots of fighting. At one point Lindsey Stirling and I were throwing darts at each other(lol).

      Then sirens went off...

      Everybody ran away. It was me and a group of people left, consisting of the black guy, one girl, and a bunch of other guys. We didn't have time to run back, so instead we ran forward. It was like a game and we had to get to the end. We ran towards a window that was facing a brick wall. It was night time so we couldn't see much except the reflection of us. The "creatures" were coming. I was so scared I closed my eyes. The black guy said, "don't close your eyes, look at my finger," for if I closed my eyes they could get me. He told me to look away and stand still and that way they won't see you. The "creatures" came up behind us, but they appeared as a copy of us. The girl turned around to see them. Big mistake. When she did that, even more appeared. She tried stabbing one of them but it was no use. They were surrounding us. They were about to attack...

      I woke up and it was 6 am. I was too frightened to go back to sleep because I didn't want to go back to the dream. Everytime I closed my eyes I would see dead bodies and blood and scary creatures. So I wrote in my DJ and left the light on and finally went back to sleep.

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    2. My Very First Nightmare/My Worst Nightmare

      by , 08-14-2010 at 05:44 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      So I just felt like posting two nightmares of mine from when I was little. The first one is from when I was in preschool and it actually funny now to think that I was scared in the dream. The second one still haunts me, it was the most frightening dream I have ever experienced. It took place sometime when I was in elementary school.

      First Nightmare: Lost in the Tubes
      I was on a field trip with some people and teachers from my preschool. We went to a place with a huge play area with tubes and slides and things like that for kids to explore. I went to explore the tube but then I got lost. I couldn't find my way out and I remember there was a fake spider with a spider web covering one of the peek holes that I kept seeing. I went to a peek hole(maybe the spider one, I don't remember) and started crying because I was lost. One of the teachers saw me and had to come get me out. At the time, it was terrifying to me.

      Worst Nightmare: Sinking Into the Graves
      I was on my school playground and it was night time. There were two sides of the playgroud, one was on the side by the school and then the other one was way on a different side. To get there, you had to cross a large area of concrete that had areas where kids would play Four Square and soccer and stuff like that. It was set up just like in real life. The concrete area suddenly turned into a graveyard. There were outlines of grave holes and if you stepped on one of them, you would sink into the ground and be stuck there forever. I had to literally hug the wall and try to get across the concrete to prevent from stepping on one of them. At one point, I accidentally did step on one and it started sinking into the ground. I think I woke up..

      Note: I think this might have contributed to the fact that I am terrified of being buried alive. Not quiet sure, but you never know.