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    Hopeless Wanderings


    by , 04-06-2011 at 09:18 PM (517 Views)
    yea yea yea I know I hardly ever post my dreams anymore..


    I was in school(like most of my dreams) in some class with my friend Aub and some other student. We were the only ones in the classroom for some reason, and out of no where there was some screaming and some people shouting "OH MY GOD!" I was too scared to go outside the classroom and see what was going on, so I just sat there and watched as Aub looked out the door and was like "SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING! OH MY GOD!" but it seemed as if no one did anything. So I asked Aub what was going on out there, and she said something about boys on fire. So I finally went outside the classroom and saw something really disturbing. Two naked teenage guys going at it who were apparently having hot burning love or something.. surrounded by pizza slices on the floor. No wonder no one went to the rescue. I saw one of the teachers, Mrs. Sack., say "knock it off guys, seriously!!!!!!!" in a really angry voice, but the boys just kept going at it. Then I woke up. Ew. I thought something exciting was going to happen, but no, it was just two guys going at it.. at school... nothing out of the ordinary. ha

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