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    #100: Produce shootout

    by , 03-01-2016 at 07:27 AM (323 Views)
    I'm not participating in this dream, just witnessing it. There's a white couple (m + f) standing outside on a parking lot. The man is holding a baby in his arms. Judging by the fact that this baby is still wrapped in a blanket, it can't be much older than a few months. It's daytime. There's a SWAT team or something similar which is going to burst into a big building, a supermarket I think. The man with the baby is part of the team, but because of the baby he's on the sidelines right now. I get the feeling that the man and woman are somewhat famous actors.

    Someone mentions that the SWAT team is going to use a car/truck to ram a hole into one of the outer walls. This person mentions that the car is driving backwards to confuse the people who are inside. From what I see the dark coloured car/truck is driving normally at the wall, just at an angle. It breaches the walls. The man with the baby convinces his wife/girlfriend that they should also go inside. No you idiot, not with a baby, it's dangerous!

    Once inside the couple is at the fresh produce department. Both of them have a gun. The guy tells his wife that now is the time to jump out into an aisle and shoot. The woman does so while still holding the baby. The baby gets shot by a woman with a gun. I think the wife goes for cover and comes back and gets shot as well, though she lives. The woman who shot the baby gets shot too, not sure if she lives. She has a sister who is present here as well. That sister and the couple finally come to terms about stopping this, cause they've all lost someone they care about.

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