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    #104: Fragments

    by , 03-05-2016 at 07:40 AM (376 Views)
    > I'm in my room at my mom's house, though the layout of my room is different. I'm using my laptop and am just about to shut it down. I think about the fact that there is still some porn running on it. I should probably close that down first. My little brother suddenly enters my room. I quickly close the lid on my laptop.

    > My mom's boyfriend is telling my little brother and I that it's about time to leave for the birthday of our cousin. My little brother isn't ready yet and is still doing some irrelevant things. I tell him to hurry and eventually I slap him across the face with a flat hand. Eventually, once we're outside, it turns out that my mom's boyfriend lied about how much of a rush we are in. I get pissed off and go back inside the house. Now I feel bad for hitting my little brother.

    > I'm at a family party it seems. There must be 20 - 30 people sitting on chairs in two long rows facing each other. I enter and say hai to everyone, cause going to everyone individually would take a lot of time. I see my 1,5 year old cousin. i think he's with my mom. I ask/tell him something and he tells me in Dutch that he doesn't want it, in a typical "I just learnt to say these words" type of speech pattern.

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