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    #105: Fragments

    by , 03-06-2016 at 10:24 AM (423 Views)
    > There's an action scene going on. It may have been with Bruce Willis. He and two others have crammed themselves into 1 F1 car and are fleeing from some dictator or something. The type of car alternates. At one point he's at a provincial road with a type of farmer pickup truck, with a tank approaching from another direction. I think about how this would be so much easier with a superfast car such as a Bugatti and voila, it happens. In the end he returns to the racing track, where two guys who are on his side are waiting for him.

    > In a forest with some people, including my cousin. He's picking red berries?

    > There's a conversation going on about Jackie Chan. It's about how he is very muscled, but also very short. For stunts involving gymnastics equipment a quite tall white guy comes in to check everything. Instead of using adult equipment, he'll use equipment for the age category 9 - 13 (or something along those lines).

    > Fairly certain there was something that involved a train, but can't remember what.

    > I have a new phone. It runs on Android. I like the functionality of it, but I'm still on the fence about the look. It's like it isn't entirely finished.

    > I'm playing/seeing a game that in terms of graphics looks like the Pokémon games from when I still played them. I notice something odd, but it doesn't trigger a response from me.

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