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    #106: Warming up / Family time

    by , 03-07-2016 at 07:25 AM (280 Views)
    Warming up
    I'm not so sure where I am. It seems to be inside. There's a group of people and one trainer. We have to go from one side to the other side of the room, performing certain moves, akin to a warmup. I forgot what we did for the first round, but for the second round we have to slide one foot forward in a half circle, so that we keep facing another direction the whole time and squat in between moving forward. To my left is a guy who is a bit bigger than I am. To his left is the trainer. To my right is the rest of the group. Once we're on the other side of the room we have to do the same thing to go back. This time however it's more of an obstacle course. It looks like a bed without a mattress. At some points there are slats missing, plus there's stuff spread all over the place. The guy goes first, but returns after a few second to give it a retry.

    Family time
    I'm in the Intertoys with my little brother. We're playfighting, even though it's probably not that appreciated. I make sure that the fight doesn't last long. I lay him down on the ground and make sure he can't move. Sweet, I won the bet, he has to pay up. We go to the register and he has to pay at least 90,- + 20,- and that's with me cutting him some slack.

    I have my 6 months old cousin with me. I give her to the girl behind the register and she starts washing her hair, as if this is a hairdresser. I'm a bit worried. She's got my cousin sitting up right and water is sometimes pouring over her face, making me worry about her being able to breathe. It turns out all fine though. I take my cousin with me. We're somewhere else now. My cousin and I start having a conversation. First she's using one word at a time, which already surprises me. After a few moments she's using full, grammatically correct sentences. I'm surprised at her intelligence.

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    Tags: exercise, family