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    #115: So close

    by , 03-24-2016 at 07:26 AM (503 Views)
    I'm standing in my room in my student home. For some reason I'm quite aware and thinking that I'm dreaming, though not fully convinced yet. I decide I need to do a RC. I open up my clothing closet. I will jump straight into it. If it warps me into another dimension I'm definitely dreaming. If not, I'll hit the shelves. I'm afraid that maybe I am not dreaming and that I'll hurt myself. I jump into the closet, but half heartedly. This doesn't tell me anything yet, but it does shift the balance a bit towards 'not dreaming'. I decide to attempt to push my fingers through my other hand. It fails. I semi know that I'm dreaming, yet this tells me I'm not. I have a FA, waking up in my bed in the same room. My arms are stretched out a bit. My intention to do the RC has carried over into my 'real' life and I've changed positions while dreaming.
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