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    #118: Fireless / Smash

    by , 04-04-2016 at 07:47 AM (298 Views)
    I'm lying in my bed at my mom's home, next to my girlfriend. It's just like how it's supposed to be. For some reason I'm pretty convinced that I'm dreaming. I decide to push one of my hands through the glass of the window. It goes through. I'm happy to finally be lucid again. There is a blue substance behind the window. Kind of like a body of water, but the texture is as if it has been drawn with crayons. I don't remember every single thing that I did with my lucidity. At a certain point I remembered a lucid challenge I had with werty52: create a flameball in your hand (he has already won that bet). I try to make it happen through several ways. I especially use different voice commands. None of them work. I consider the fact that I'm not believing in myself hard enough to make it happen. I then decide to do something else. I think I'm flying about for a bit. I'm a slightly annoyed by my lack of control over this dream.

    Somewhere in a fancy/modern hallway. I guess I'm just observing. Justen, along with a few other guys is in the hallway. They're all freerunners I think. At least Justen is, that much I know for sure. There's a slanted glass wall and he does a run up against it and tries to perform another trick, but he doesn't manage to finish it. He nearly defied gravity there. Then he runs through the hallway, does a round off > back full combo. While twisting in the air he smashes into an art piece that was standing in the hall. It shatters. It was made out of stone or keramic or something alike. It looked a bit like an old Greek head.

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