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    by , 10-16-2015 at 08:58 AM (495 Views)

    I'm writing this post a bit late after waking up, so the details of my dreams are already quite vague

    Dream 1: Mafia
    I'm a member of the mafia. I don't feel like I'm a really high ranking member, just an ordinary guy. I'm loyal to my Don. I'm inside a building that belongs to us, so it's just us mafioso in there. It's the size of a public building, so pretty big. There's a high ranking guy coming to visit us. Perhaps a Don from another group. Me and another guy from our side have to come up with a plan for a specific purpose and present it to the high ranking guy. We have to make sure to impress him. There are glass doors which lead to a balcony, which somehow feels like it's still inside. Though I never looked down it also feels like it's pretty high up. The Don and the important guy are sitting on the balcony. Me and the other guy enter the balcony and walk to the right, where they are sitting. As we walk it dawns upon me that our plan severely lacks detail and that we'll have to wing it. I start thinking about proper etiquette. I wanted to just shake the important guy's hand, but in my mind's eye I see a dude kissing the hand while on one knee. Do I really have to do that?

    In the same building, on the same floor maybe (it's a pretty generic setting; walls with a very light colour and a light greenish hue, no furniture). In the middle of the enormous room there's a big opening. This is the same on all floors, so you can look down all the way until the ground floor. This way I can tell that we're quite a few floors up, though I don't know the exact floor level. A guy gets thrown down all the way. I'm not sure, but I think I fall down with him. There's a pool on the ground floor, exactly where the openings are. Please hit the pool. Please hit the pool! Nope. On the ground next to it.

    Still in the same building. A shoot out is taking place. I have an assault rifle, or a similarly big gun. At first I take cover underneath a desk in a cubicle while around me at least 2 people are shooting; 1 from my left, 1 from my right. I say people but they are not. I'm not sure what I should call them. Cartoonish entities. Eventually I myself am in the middle of it. I point my gun at 'someone' and can see through my scope that my aim is good. I'm shooting without using my scope though. A bit later or earlier I'm shooting at someone without using a scope, maybe because my gun doesn't have one. I have a long barrel though and it seems to be bend slightly cause all my shots deviate.

    I read an article yesterday evening about Syrian refugees and the influence of the Turkish mafia.

    Dream 2: FA?
    I woke up around maybe 2 in the morning for no apparent reason. After that I could hear noise coming from my housemate's room, which annoyed me as I tried to get back to sleep. I'm not even sure if that last part was a dream or not. I think not. Next thing I know I'm at Albert Heijn, a Dutch chain of supermarkets. I wake up (again?), thinking how silly it is that I was so annoyed by my housemate and not being able to fall asleep, while I was having a FA.

    Dream 3: Golf
    It's as if I'm looking at a commercial. One of my former highschool classmates is standing inside a clothing(?) store with a dark wooden floor. The kind that might still give you a splinter if you ran your fingers over it. He's starring in a commercial and they're shooting it right now. No surprise, he's a good looking guy. He gets asked to shoot a golfball at the mirror. I wonder if the owner of the shop is ok with this.

    Fragment: Isa
    I dreamt about a friend of mine, Isa. I'm not so sure what happened anymore. She has some stuff which may or may not be hers. At one point she makes haste to get away on her bicycle.

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