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    #126: Shopstuff

    by , 04-14-2016 at 06:55 AM (352 Views)
    I am working in the female clothing shop that my mom used to work in when she was younger. The place is different from reality. It's significantly less crowded with clothes and the cash register has been moved to another wall. Several customers enter one by one. One guy enters and is looking for something. I'm about to tell them that this is a shop for women when my colleague (a white guy) tells him to look in a specific rack. Apparently we have a small men's section. That's new to me. A bit later another guy comes in and asks what I think of a certain shorts. It's the exact same as the one I bought in Indonesia and I tell him so. I'm afraid for a moment that might put him off, but apparently not. Two more white guys come in, saying that they're testing security. I am weary about them. Perhaps it's a ruse to steal some stuff. At some other point in time I have to use the pin device, but it's being a bit bitchy, so I ask my colleague for help. He tells and shows me that you have to press in a code which was something like 111211.

    The shop is now... something else. My first ex girlfriend is here. I'm helping someone in her family move? Her mom has made food. Rice with beans I think. Her dad is present as well. I snort for a moment and she asks me what's up. I tell her that my mom thought her dad had died [my mom really did think that]. Might wanna sort that out.

    I'm just outside the shop with my housemate and... his aunt? Or someone else, I don't know. Anyway, the woman in question gives us something as a gift. It turns out to be 2 tickets to a NBA match on April 13th at 19:00. At first my housemate wanted to keep them, but he then realised he already had plans. I would like to go, but I'll probably be working then since that day is Kingsday [no it's not].

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